St. Francis and Pope Francis


When confronted with a harsh reality of a bad Pope, there is a temptation to look for an easy way out.

Cue the alleged prophecy of St. Francis concerning a un-canonically elected Pope.

I know a resistance blogger who, after posting a version of the prophecy, wrote:
Is not this prophecy so indicative of the current state of the Church?  It is so sad that the “elect” of the Catholic Resistance holds Jorge Bergoglio as pope thereby keeping priests and faithful in a material schism.  May their blindness be removed and may they come to the truth that Benedict XVI is the true pope.
He (plus others) have jumped to a number of conclusions.  First, they have concluded that it is a true prophecy. Second they have concluded that it applies to Pope Francis.

Second first, we know that in the conclusion that Pope Francis was not canonically elected the Vicar of Christ, we have to set aside Catholic Doctrine - just like the protestants.

Not a good precedence that eh?

First second, we don't even know if the 'prophecy' was legit. Enter a recent paper by, I believe, an academic who goes through the background of the 'prophecy' and concludes (spoiler alert): that it is unanimous that it was not legitimately from St. Francis.

On The Paternity of a Medieval Report of Francis of Assisi

So ... don't jump to conclusions.


Jumping To Conclusion    


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