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War: The Next Pope!

 + JMJ  As I write this on December 23, 2023, I can't help by wonder what the next Pope (i.e. Vicar of Christ) will do in the aftermath left by Pope Francis (the First and hopefully the Last). Pope Francis has placed another landmine on the path outwards of this Crisis of the Catholic Church. Simply put, it is the allowance of 'blessings' for Gay Couples.  The list of other landmines is long and glorious but some highlights would be the dismantling of the hierarchy, removal of priests and bishops for being 'divisive', ambiguous documents that open the Catholic Church to the acceptance of sinful acts as practical doctrine,  Yes, Pope Francis (elected March 13, 2013) has left quite a mess and this mess is what the next Pope, if he is a great (not just good) Vicar of Christ will have to walk the Way of the Cross to undo the evil Gordian knot tied by Popes since Pius XII.  Each Pope has, by their decisions, added Bights, Crossings, Elbows, and loops to the knot that tha
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News Roundup: May 11, 2024

 + JMJ There has been a lot of activity over the last month, but not all good and not all bad.   Wars and Rumours of Wars Just as the War goes on in Gaza creating the fear of a global war, the war goes on between the Church and the World.  The Catholic Church or at least the people within Her, was the first to loathe Her Doctrines and Dogmas.  Now the West loathes the actions of the past.   It is true that there were men and women involved in the worst of colonialism for worldly gain.  What is forgotten is what was done for the spiritual and material good.  There are examples of Jesuits doing good work for the good of the peoples that they found on the various continents outside of Europe. Then the men and women who came for profit arrived and undid what had been started. Around the world civilization is pulling in the walls on top of themselves.   Netherlands: Euthanasia Accounts for More Than 5% of Deaths in 2023 | FSSPX News Ground News - Woman, 28, to be euthanized in May after

War: Catholic Church

 + JMJ In my opinion (IMO)... The Catholic Church has, since the Second Vatican Council, been in a civil war between no less than four groups of Catholics: Neo-Modernists, Liberals, Conservatives and Traditionalists. The difference between the Neo-Modernists and Liberals is practically indistinguishable. Both want to change Church Doctrine to make it something other than it is. Like the heresies of the past, instead of leaving the Church and splitting off ... they want to mutate the Catholic Church into something else. While normally nice, when confronted with anything resembling pre-conciliar thinking, doctrine or liturgy the knives come out. The only, and I'm serious, the only real reprieve to this war was a momentary cease-fire created by Pope Benedict XVI and ended by Pope Francis I.  Pope John Paul II's 1982 indult and the Ecclesei Dei communities had to tow a very narrow line to avoid being noticed by the internal enemies of the Church (again IMO).  What does this mean fo


 + JMJ We seem to be in transition from the persecution of the SSPX and other faithful Catholics to a civil war within the Catholic Church i.e. a true schism. Several Bishops, Priests and Dioceses have rejected outright Fiducia Supplicans (link) . This, in my opinion (IMO), is a new inflection point on the way to what will amount to an civil war within the Catholic Church. Pope Francis had spent the past ten years putting the final touches on the fault-lines within the Church and this may be the final blow that actually awakens Our Lord sleeping in the bow of the Barque of St. Peter.  That is something that we need to remember, Our Lord is with his Church, even on its way to Calvary. So, what is about to happen is that, IMO, faithful Catholics will find themselves in the same situation as the SSPX.  Persecuted and fighting for the heart of the Catholic Church. The history of the SSPX provides a microcosm of what we might expect to happen in the Catholic Church during a 'civil war&#

Devotion to the Immaculate Heart - The First Saturdays

 + JMJ  A reminder of the First Saturday devotions requested by Our Lady of Fatima. P^3 Courtesy of   The Fatima First Saturdays  During her July 1917 apparition at Fatima, Our Lady said to Lucy, “ I shall come to ask... that on the First Saturday of every month, Communions of reparation be made in atonement for the sins of the world. ” The Request of the Two Hearts On December 10, 1925, our Blessed Mother again appeared to Lucy at Pontevedra, Spain. Sr. Lucy, while a Dorothean postulant, was in her cell when Our Lady appeared to her, placing one hand on Sr. Lucy’s shoulder and in the other hand showing her a heart surrounded by thorns. Next to the Blessed Virgin was the Child Jesus borne by a luminous cloud and He said to her: Have compassion on the Heart of your Most Holy Mother, covered with thorns with which ungrateful men pierce it at every moment, and there is no one to make an act of reparation to remove them. Then the Most Blessed Virgin said: Loo

War: Families

 + JMJ  It is unavoidable that the conflict between the Church and the World will ... inspite of the Church basically surrendering to the World during and after the Second Vatican Council ... enter the family. First, it is unlikely that an entire family will be "Traditional Catholic". This will lead to conflict between the various "sides" of the family.  Next there is the impact of the world around them.  In other words, you can't keep your children out of the world indefinitely. There are so many pressures and stessors that work against keeping the Catholic Life that it seems that heroic virtue is needed in this day and age. A final aspect is related to the second.  Their companions, especially if they are not Catholic. In some cases you may hope that your children will influence instead of be influenced. In this case you will have to intervene if they are underage and if adults, pray and act prudently. With all these forces stacked up against you, the best you

War: Culture

 + JMJ  The culture that permeates Western culture is actually difficult to pin down. There is a constant tension between the liberals and the conservatives.  However, the question is, what have the conservative managed to conserve? In this case, in my opinion (IMO), the conservatives are fighting a losing battle because they, like much of Western Culture have become disconnected from the root of Western Culture, Catholicism.  What's more Catholicism has likewise become disconnected from its own roots.  God created nature to abhor a vacuum so something has be replace what has been abandoned. In this case, Liberal Catholicism and Modernism have filled the gap. So to fix modern culture before it completely self-destructs, it is necessary for its root, the Catholic Church, to re-anchor itself - prophesized by St. Don Bosco as to the Eucharist and the Blessed Virgin Mary. The true culture wars are those in the hearts and minds of the people who collectively make the culture.  So - imo

War: Civil Society

 + JMJ  Society seems to be ripping itself apart, both morally and socially.  Morally, the world continues its steady decline.  Israel vs Hamas The confusion over the morality of the Israel vs Hamas War is one example. It is a war and, this time, in response to the October 7th attack.  I've noticed two perspectives emerge from the two combatants.  For the Israeli, it is that they are the only Nation that is not allowed to win a war.  Public opinion is always at play in wars, but in the case of Israel against anyone in the area, public opinion quickly becomes a factor.  For Hamas and its supporters it is embodied in the phrase:  From the River to the Sea, Palestine will be Free.  This is the goal of Hamas, the elimination of the Jewish state of Israel according to its 2017 Charter (link) .  I understand that their original charter was more explicit.  Tied to this is that Hamas obviously, prioritizes its goal over the Gazans that they govern.  For this I recommend a read of Son of H

New Roundup - March 24, 2024

 + JMJ    Original reports had CMTV shuttering its operations in April.  Well, I get the 503 and a check on Wikipedia states that it went defunct March 13, 2024 ( link ).  Their YouTube site is still active, but at this time all the vids are 3 weeks or older.  Thus ends the story of CMTV, but not of the people involved in the media venture.  I would use 'apostolate' very hesitantly, especially with regards to their editorial bias for the past 10 years. Other comments below. Praying that you have had a profitable Lent. P^3 Wars and Rumours of Wars Ground News - Michael Moore: Palestinians Aren’t Israel’s Persecutors, It’s Been White European Christians Slaughtering Jews US to establish temporary port in Gaza to provide humanitarian aid - Defense One Three ideas for countering China in the gray zone - Defense One White House sanctions former Israeli intel officer and commercial spyware maker - Defense One Rearming US Navy ships at sea is no longer an option, but a neces

Catholic Culture - The Edgar Schein Model Analysis of the Pre and Post Conciliar Culture

 + JMJ    So ... I was thinking ... I've used Edgar Schein's (RIP) organizational cultural model (link ) in my research  ... why not apply it in a comparison between the Catholic Organizational Culture - PRE and POST Second Vatican Culture? Of course, this will be from my own perspective, I'm certain that others will think differently. 😁 Also, apologies for a rather long article. Graphic: Below is a quick mapping of the cultural factors that I could think of.  Since the Church is vast and composed of millions of Souls, it is necessarily a limited cultural map.  Yet, I think it will still be useful to assess what has changed since the Second Vatican Council. Additional Reading:  5 enduring management ideas from MIT Sloan’s Edgar Schein | MIT Sloan Artifacts Artifacts are tangible and observable aspects of the culture being examined.  All organizations have them. Walmart has their Walmart chant, Charismatics have their spe

News Roundup - March 7, 2024

 + JMJ    This early edition of the round-up was brought about by the announcement that Church Militant T.V. was ceasing operations April 1st.  Perhaps it is an April Fools Joke, but I suspect not :-). So this time, I've added some additional sub-titles. Comments below P^3   TradicatArticles Wars and Rumours of Wars Tradicat: The shooting wars continue with people taking sides and basically making fools of themselves. The non-shooting wars in which people are still dying (i.e. abortion and other things such as 'extrauterine children' ) is something that strikes at the heart of Western Civilization. Relations Become Complicated Between Israel and the Holy See | FSSPX News Church leaders in Holy Land condemn ‘wanton attack’ in Gaza | Crux The Alabama Embryo Decision—The Politics and Reality of Recognizing “Extrauterine Children” | Reproductive Health | JAMA | JAMA Network Crisis of the Catholic Church Tradicat: The crisis continues to heat up with the fault-lines be