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FSSPX.Com: Sacred Heart - Salvation of Those Who Trust In Thee

 +  JMJ  I have started to reblog reminders for the First Friday and Saturday devotions and thought I would highlight some older articles. P^3 Courtesy of /   By Rev. Fr. Emanuel Herkel SSPX and Mr. Robert G. Titus       Mr. Titus     Fr. Herkel   The month of June, as you know, has been set aside by custom in the Church for devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, just as the month of May has been devoted to our Blessed Lady. Since 1856 the feast of the Sacred Heart has been universally observed on the
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Traditiones Custodes - A Deep Dive - Part A ... The Motu Proprio

 + JMJ Picture by the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Peter, available from .      We've had almost a year to let the dust settle after Pope Francis issued Traditiones Custodes, and perhaps now we can put the motu proprio in context. First, we know that Tridentine life for the faithful is more constrained for those not served by the SSPX or Ecclesia Dei congregations.  The FSSP was wise to get the Pope's words in writing. Second, we also know that the fight is far from over, but as Bishop Fellay mentioned, the response to the SSPX and Trads is disproportionate to their numbers. P^3 Vatican: Traditiones Custodes APOSTOLIC LETTER ISSUED "MOTU PROPRIO" BY THE SUPREME PONTIFF FRANCIS «TRADITIONIS CUSTODES» On the Use of the Roman Liturgy Prior to the Reform of 1970   Official translation   Guardians of the tradition , the bishops in communion with the Bishop of Rome constitute the visible principle and foundation of the unity