CMTV - ROME BE DAMNED Wake up — the problem ain't the Pope.


Funny how retirement posts are picking up ... but I have to admit that when I read the piece by CMTV, I burst out in laughter.  Since I am on vacation and have some time to 'relax' I thought I would share my amusement.

First, this is how CMTV starts off and a key point:
There is a lot of bellyaching going on among Catholics about a continual string of ill advised comments from Pope Francis. The comments are confusing to say the least and often times contradict previous comments he has made about the very same topic. No doubt about it, a blind man can see it.
But the industry that is developing around this thought is dangerous on a number of levels. The industry of "blast the Pope for his confusing, conflicting statements" is dangerous. In just one line of reasoning, consider this — and this is just one danger: The notion forms in people's minds that everything in the Church that is wrong can be solved by the Pope, any Pope just ordering it to be fixed. ... The list could go on and on, but you get the point. The problem any pope faces, has faced or will face for the foreseeable future is that no matter what he does or doesn't do, the spirit of disobedience and rebellion rampant in the ecclesiastical ranks isn't going anywhere. The danger of always pointing to Rome, always saying the Pope is a heretic, the Pope is confusing, the Pope is this, the Pope is that, is that the Pope isn't the problem — just an easy target.(
So the Pope isn't the problem?  Well, sure as hell exists, he is meant to be part of the solution!!!

then there's always this possibility:

This is just an example of CMTV and Michael Voris painting themselves further into a corner over the 'We shall not criticize  the Pope' decision.

Frankly, Michael Voris is right - it isn't the Pope - it's all the Popes since and perhaps to a lesser extent including Pope Pius XII.

The Pope is the Vicar of Christ and he needs to start living up to his exalted office otherwise not only are the souls of the Church endangered, but his as well.

People are dying out there and the Pope is not fulfilling his role - that is the truth.

Helping people to deal with that reality is what CMTV should be doing - but instead they pursue their "we're pure Catholics" mantra and attack the SSPX.

Sorry Michael, we're the veterans in this War, you're just a conscriptee with a degree.


PS: Here's a link to some more commentary. 


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