What to do ... in times such as these ...


I think I've been distracted long enough with the 'resistance' and the attendant issues.   From my perspective, they are just another set of people who have been scandalized by the tragedy  heralded by the start of the Second Vatican Council.

So what does one do to keep their heads in times such as these ...

Well first of all, there are principles to use as a guide for our actions.  Some are here.

The second thing is to practice the corporal and spiritual works of mercy and then we have the Beatitudes:

The text of St. Matthew runs as follows:

This is what we need to do and pay attention to #4 - we need to hunger and thirst for justice - not revenge.

Be assured, justice will be dealt out in the next life if not in this, by God, not by us. Our job is to pray for all those who are on the path to Hell, each is precious to God and deserves our merciful prayers.



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