The desire to destroy


Many of the 'resistors' that I have encountered seek to dissuade people from attending Mass at the SSPX. They'd rather go without the Sacraments for weeks than go to an SSPX Mass.  By they actions they seek to undermine the work of Archbishop Lefebvre by cutting off the support of its members and the laity.

The following was written by a prince resistor in reference to a non-resistor who wanted to register on his forum with the pseuonym resistanceslayer. (No it was not myself!)
The desire to destroy (animus delendi) comes from the devil -- don't ever kid yourself. 
 As my wife once said: When someone issues a criticism, it often is applicable to themselves.

The 'resistors' are attempting to destroy the work of Archbishop Lefebvre (I know they see it differently - but hey what else do the resistors preach against in every third or fourth YT sermon? - The SSPX.

At the same time, they are destroying their souls and those they love by staying unnecessarily away from the Sacraments.

Christe Eleison ...



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