Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt - FUD of the Resistance ...


 Every argument that I have seen from the 'resistance' is based in either Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt (FUD) and is based on the appeal to fear fallacy.

FUD is a marketing technique employed by those who have products of lesser quality than their competitors.  The whole objective is to instill in the mind of a prospective 'client' one of the techniques three characteristics.

Given that the 'product' of the 'resistance' is of significantly lesser quality (as evidence by their abandoning of Catholic Dogma, Doctrine and Principles), the 'resistance' often resorts to FUD based attacks against the SSPX.

Sweeping general statements that provide no actionable information to be used as a basis for specific actions, in specific conditions. A paraphrased example would be 'Rome has lost the Faith, therefore it is not possible for them to issue a legitimate command'.

The problem is that the statement 'Rome has lost the Faith' does not have any bearing on specific cases and whether or not the person issuing the command occupies the position of authority.

Conspiracy theories that automatically exclude other perspectives on a specific issue.  For example, the 'Sell-Out' theories.  Examples include the 'unsigned agreement theory'.  I guess the ongoing lack of a 'sell-out', forced 'resistors' to realize, like the Jehovah Witnesses before them, that one of their prophecies needed to come true - otherwise they'd lose credibility. Voila the un-provable, perfect conspiracy theory of the 'unsigned agreement.   Well from the point of view of business, a verbal agreement isn't worth the paper it's written on!!!  I'm willing to bet any CDN$1000

Ultimately, if the argument requires abandoning a Catholic Principle (eg obedience etc) then obviously it is caveat emptor.


2013 Article: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt - FUD


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