Fatima and Fr. Dollinger


Fatima has been in the news recently and rightly so. 

The re-revelation by Fr. Dollinger that the whole secret was not revealed (1P5: Whole 3rd Secret Not Revealed), Cardinal Ciappi that the "great apostasy in the Church will begin at the top" ( 1P5: Alice Von Hildebrand sheds new light on Fatima) appeared to touch as nerve in the Vatican as it merited a reply by the Pope (1P5: Pope Emertus Denies Statement).
The next step in this exchange is curious. In the face of the denial by the Vatican we have the following:
Originally, we intended to collaborate to write a little more about the questions regarding Fatima left unanswered following the response attributed to Pope Benedict. After the Vatican’s forceful denial of his story, however, Dr. Dollinger said the following, passed on to me in an e-mail from his secretary: “If Rome has denied it, then we have to be silent and not to defend ourselves.” As his secretary comments: “This is the typical and logical reaction of a faithful Son of the Church.” 1P5: Important Events of Dr. Dollinger's life
Even in silence there is a thundering statement: Fr. Dollinger did not retract his statement.

As another Alice said: Curiouser and Curiouser.



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