Reality Check: Fr. Chazel and the Resistance


I am aware that Dr. Chojnowski was once associated with the SSPX, I'm not certain if he maintains that association.

In any case he has on his blog a statement by Fr. Chazal about the position of the 'resistance':

Resistance is the best term to encase our position, and that term has stuck, while all other labels have never lived very long. The term sedeplenist is incomplete, just like sedeprivationist, because neither of the terms includes the crucial distinction. Caiphas is neither deprived and neither to be heeded to.  
 Well this is interesting ... I would ask, is Pope Francis to not be heeded in all cases good and bad?
This is because the jurisdiction of a heretic; while it instantly disappears quoad liceitatem; only disappears quoad validitatem after a sentence. Before then, there is a valid but illicit jurisdiction, of which none of those who are aware of the heresy of the holder of office, can make use of. Throughout the years dioceses and popes have been abusing their jurisdiction or using it for evil intent.Those who separated themselves from day one will not be blamed at the end of this crisis, nay they were even granted jurisdiction in a supplied form.
Well this is a bit (ie lot) twisted.  The question the they should ask if Pope Francis can provide jursidiction to the Bishop's of the Church?  If not ... well that opens another can of worms.

Then we have these two ditties:

We cannot place under Rome the work of Archbishop Lefebvre.
Well that's definitely above his SSPX paygrade (which is $0) and how they can convince themselves that whatever organization they've started is the "SSPX"  beggars the imagination.
Catholics who are aware Francis is a heretic and still submit to his jurisdiction are in a state of illegality. Catholics who were in a state of security and return to place  themselves under the power of heretics are canonical fools.
Here I would ask: How would you be aware that Pope Francis is a heretic?  Fundamentally, Pope Francis hasn't said something Heretical in the pure sense of the word.  ... nor has the authority of the Catholic Church made such a declaration.

So until that time - adhere to the teachings of the Catholic Church: Pope Francis is still the Vicar of Christ and is falling far, far, far ... far below the expectations of such a lofty office.



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