What would Archbishop Lefebvre do after crying?


In the post "What would Archbishop Lefebvre do?", I put forth my belief that, faced with the rampant disobedience within the Church and even from his own sons (ie 'resistance') that he would cry.

But I also believe that, while that sorrow would be deep, it would soon be replaced with a firm resolution to act.

I believe that, were he alive today, these actions would be in accord with the Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines, Principles and Discipline of the Catholic Church.

If not, then he would not be the Archbishop that so many love and revere.

I further believe that it is in his example we also find an example of how to help the Catholic Church to emerge from this crisis.

In dealing with the sedevacantists of 1982, I understood he simply stated:
We can no longer collaborate.
Then he expelled them. 

This is simply the same reaction that Bishop Fellay has had with the 'resistance'. If they will not abide by Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines, Principles and Discipline (CDDPD), then the only alternative is to echo the Archbishop and expel those who are attempting to subvert the SSPX into deviating from  CDDPD.

With regards to the state of the Church, I believe that he would have continued to react prudently.

Perhaps, because he was human, sometimes acting out of frustration using a caricature of the situation in an attempt to help the prelates to realize what they are doing (ie. The Travesty of Assisi).

In other times clearly outlining the errors because he is the one who stated that we need to remain calm, it is not our truth, but it is the Truth.

All the while, striving to maintain discipline within the order he founded, for the good of the Church.

So what should we do, following this example?

First, our duty of state, just as he did.

Second, follow providence (just make certain it isn't your vanity interposing itself 😉).

Anyone who thinks the Archbishop would deviate from CDDPD is dreaming in technicolour.



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