What is the SSPX fighting for?


I've seen star wars and one line uttered by Rose (you probably know which ...) resonated with me:
You don't kill what you hate, you save what you love.
This line reminded me of the article on Gratitude.

Pope Francis and his minions are so aggravating in their hubris  that it is sometimes maddening.

The damage they are doing beggars the imagination. Even Non-Trad (nt)Catholics are starting to seriously ask:
Is the Pope Catholic?
So what's the link to Rose's line?

Simple, we can't be bitter, we can't compromise, we know what we are doing - we are saving the priesthood because that is how you save souls.

No priesthood, no Church. It is that simple.

Corrupt a priest and Satan knows that he gets a bonanza of souls for that investment.

That's why ...
The Society’s purpose is the priesthood and all that pertains to it and nothing but what concerns it
That's why there is such an effort to stamp out the Tridentine Mass, when an ntCatholic Priest starts to say that Mass, it gradually changes him.  As his change become apparent, he will be attacked by his confreres and bishop.

This is the way it is.

That's why ntCatholic need to help their priests live up to the exalted position to which they have been raised.

Make them be priests.  Beg them to say the Tridentine Mass.

When that happens, if they persist, they will eventually become the realization of what the SSPX seeks.  To form good priests.

There are very few orders that are not a result of the path the SSPX has beaten for the last 50 years.

Setting aside all the canonical arguments for and against the SSPX, ask yourself:
Who has compromised their principles in this fight for the soul of the Catholic Church?
For ntCatholics, I challenge you to ask yourself:
What have I done to help the Church emerge from this crisis?  Have I helped a priest be a Catholic Priest today and not a 'presider'?

For Trad (t)Catholics, I challenge you to ask yourself:
What have I done to help my SSPX priest in this fight? Have I prayed for him? Have I supported him in other ways?  

To my fellow tCatholics, don't give into bitterness and anger because of the length of this fight. Be grateful and share the treasures that you've been given by Our Lord Jesus Christ.

By sharing them, they will multiply - and then you will be a good and faithful servant. (Matthew 25:23)



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