The Sixth Petition


I am periodically lead into temptation because of Pope Francis.

Now with the latest 'change for the sake of change' he is socializing a change to the English translation of the Our Father's sixth petition.

Instead of deepening the understanding of the faithful by reiterating the Teaching of the Church, he wants to dumb it down.

No I haven't looked at what he wants to do ... so I am assuming that it will be a narrow interpretation of what is actually meant.

... I'll wait to see if this one actually makes it through.

As one priest once said to my wife: 
Do not let anyone interpose themselves between God and yourself.  
Keep your peace of soul.


For those confused by Pope Francis the First, here's the clear teaching of the Church as found in the Catechism of the Council of Trent.  If the Catholics from 500 years ago could understand it, I expect the more literate Catholics of today should have no problem with this ... 
...What, then, do we pray for in this Petition ? We pray that the divine assistance may not forsake us, lest having been deceived, or worsted, we should yield to temptation; and that the grace of God may be at hand to succour us when our strength fails, to refresh and invigorate us in our trials.
We pray, therefore, that we yield not to evil desires, and be not wearied in enduring temptation; that we deviate not from the way of the Lord; that in adversity, as in prosperity, we preserve equanimity and fortitude; and that God may never deprive us of His protection. Finally, we pray that God may crush Satan beneath our feet.


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