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Resignation of Sister Mary Elisabeth

There's been a bit of flurry about a Sister resigning from the SSPX. 

As always, people who implicitly trust religious, have asked why.  Sister obliged with a letter, part of which is reproduced below:
... I was well aware that the Superior General’s mission is to implement the decisions of the Chapter. Therefore, I waited until the Acts of the Chapter were published to make up my mind. On September 18th we were sent extracts of the Acts of the Chapter. They concerned the marriages, the Society’s relations with Rome and the prelature. At the end of this reading, all my doubts were gone and I was sure that I had to leave the Society of Saint Pius X if I wanted to remain faithful to the teaching and recommendations of our Founder [Tradicat: As always one has to ask how she could forget the visits that the Archbishop allowed over the years and contacts the he maintained ... oh well]. The asking of the delegation of the modernist bishops for marriages was made mandatory for all…

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