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The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass: A Triple Comparison

+ JMJ I came across this comparison in a flyer at church a few weeks ago and think it is pretty good.

I had assumed that it was from the SSPX, but the only online version is on a Chinese Catholic website.

So for reference!


Source: Chinese Catholic

Conclusion:  It is therefore very clear that the New Mass expresses a departure from the traditional teaching of the Church and a great likeness to Luther’s heretical reforms.  Many Protestants themselves have approved this, such as Br. Roger from Taize.

.What is offered at Mass? The Traditional Catholic Doctrine The Doctrine of Martin Luther on the Mass The new teaching in the
Catholic Church
The Mass being the same sacrifice as the Sacrifice of Calvary requires then the same Victim, really, truly and substantially present.
"Inthe Blessed Eucharist Jesus Christ is present, whole and entire, body andblood, …

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