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Fr. Giruoard - Still the Same - Still Wrong

Father Girouard has posted a sermon on the fifth anniversary of his little chapel.
Now, Bishop Fellay thinks that Rome, on the one hand of the relation, can declare us Catholics and that we can, on the other hand, accept it, and that the relationship only goes one way, from Rome to the Society, and that it only comes one way, and we will remain as we are etc. etc. All the promises: “We will remain as we are, we will not compromise”… But he forgets that a relation goes both ways! If the Pope says: “You are Catholics!”, when you accept this, you recognize also that the New Church is Catholic! A relation always goes both ways! I could go on (and Fr. does go on at some length), but let's make certain we understand how Father has deviated from Catholicity.

We already know that the 'conciliar Church' is a movement within the Catholic Church. At least that's what the SSPX believed long before Fr. Girouard ever set foot in Winona to complete his priestly training.

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