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The Gullible Theme - Part 6: Follow-Up


According to Google, the series “Examining the Calgary SSPX School Policy” generated a fair number of 'views'.
What is interesting is the distribution of the views. Basically, aside from the 'Gullible and those like him' post, the majority of views were on part 4b – where I dealt directly with the offending texts.
Meaning that a number of the readers are focusing on only 17% of the posts. In fact the majority of readers passed right over part 4a, where I focused on the immediate context of the offensive text.
Some of the responses that Google picked up were over at CathInfo (see bottom of article for texts that I copied on January 10, 2020). A look at the distribution and comments on CathInfo support my conclusion: People don't have patience to read a thorough analysis of a topic.  They seem to go along with their confirmation bias (see linked article) and look for elements that support their feelings instead of a rational conclusion.
Few read in the concl…
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Rorate Caeli: Socci: The Backstory: here is what went on behind the scenes. The rage of the despot against the Catholic Pope

I sometimes wonder if Pope Francis is going to have a stroke one of these times when his little plans are thwarted  - even a tiny bit.


Source: Rorate-Caeli

Reliable sources inside the Vatican have pieced together what happened. The book “From the Depths of Our Hearts” is clearly by Benedict XVI and Cardinal Sarah (as is indeed the letters between the two of them -  made public by Cardinal Sarah -  demonstrate unequivocally). Everything had been decided and agreed upon from the very start. The other day – when the part defending celibacy was published -  pandemonium broke out in the Vatican because Bergoglio was fuming with rage. In fact, that authoritative  pronouncement by Benedict, stops him from tearing apart ecclesiastic celibacy, as he had intended to do in the upcoming Post-Synod Exhortation. So, he personally summoned Monsignor Gaenswein, Benedict’s secretary, but also Prefect of Bergoglio’s Papal Household and, furious, ordered him to have Benedict XVI’s name removed …

Rorate Caeli: Vatican - Bishops, Get Ready: The Amazon Fake-Synod Bomb is Coming Up! (Confidential Letter)

So ... this happened the last time I needed set aside blogging to concentrate on other worthy responsibilities.

Something wicked this way comes.

Pray ...  hard that those eyes which are shut may be opened!


Source: Rorate-Caeli

Vatican City, 13 January 2020
Your Eminence, Your Grace, Your Excellency: The Holy Father is preparing a new Apostolic Exhortation to present the New Paths for the Church and for an Integral Ecology as developed with the guidance of the Holy Spirit during the Synod on the Amazon in October last year. The draft is currently being reviewed and corrected and then needs to be translated. Pope Francis hopes to promulgate it by the end of this month or in early February.
The Exhortation is keenly awaited and will attract great interest and many different responses. Accordingly, as was previously done with Laudato si’ (2015), Amoris Laetitia (2016), Gaudete et Exsultate (2018) and Christus Vivit (2019), the Holy Father would like the local Ordinarie…



Fr Terrance gives the homily at Bloomington, IN on Nov 22, 2019, on the Book of Maccabees and the cleansing of the temple and how this relates to going to Mass at a schismatic chapel, including those of the SSPX, the Society of St Pius X.
So here we go again - someone claiming that the SSPX is schismatic and that you shouldn't go to Mass at an SSPX bomb shelter.

My kids would say: Seriously?

We have Cardinals who were responsible for dealing with the SSPX saying that you can go. We have the Pope (such as he is) giving the SSPX authority to hear confessions and witness marriages!

Oh well.  Eventually he'll learn who are his friends, who are his enemies and who are his frenemies.


Refresher on Catholic Obedience

I believe that the root of the crisis of the Catholic Church is disobedience to some form of authority.

The Protestants revolted against the Pope and the Church - denying Dogmas and casting aside much of the 'artefacts' of the Catholic Faith.  All they have left are vestiges.

The modernists revolted against the Teaching Authority of the Catholic Church, undermining Divine Revelation and as a result denied core Dogmas of the Catholic Faith.  This revolt emerged in full light at the Second Vatican Council and we've been suffering its effects every since!

The Popes, starting even under Pius XII gave way to innovations that, as a pebble starts an avalanche, ended in a revolt against the authority of Tradition in the Catholic Church. With the erosion of the authority of the Church, anarchy soon followed and the bastions against heresy were razed to the ground.

This is the phase in which we now strive to save our souls.

Re-establishing Catholic Obedience in the Church wil…

The Gullible Theme - Part 5: Examining the Calgary SSPX School Policy - Conclusion


So, whether or not Fr. Couture found that the text was 'bad' as related by Mr. Verrecchio is not relevant to the analysis.

Instead of relying on hearsay, I'm forming my own opinion based upon the facts that I was able to obtain.

In the full context, the school was not obliged to sin and  the "context is that St. John Bosco is a Catholic school and it will foster an "inclusive, safe and caring learning environment within our district must be in accordance with the teachings of the Catholic Church."

Following the principle of obedience they had an obligation to either obey or withdraw from the sphere of authority.

Was the mandated inclusion of those phrases in the policy desirable?  Of course not. However, that is not the point. Many things in Canadian Law are not desirable. Is what was required sinful?  The answer is no.

As a judge recently said to a plaintiff, "we deal with reality here".  That the 'resistance' had their feathers r…