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CMTV: Cone of Silence or ... Cone of Shame

I have to admit that I am enjoying CMTV's continued stretching to make something out of nothing.
Just to be clear, I mean that they are trying to prove that the SSPX is "Sympathetic to Perverts" and that is not true. Of course, I fully expect CMTV to shift their focus and try to prove something else.
The latest stretch is their accusations that the police department protected Mr. Palmeri and then send a letter to the Sheriff asking a bunch of loaded questions and 'expect' a reply. 

Here's what they wrote: Chief Derek Cid, I appreciate your taking the time to respond. However, my call was in reference to the press release itself, and not on getting the press release. To that end, please respond to the following questions.1) Your press release references an unnamed online media article. Are you referring to Saint Michael's Media/Church Militant and the article SSPX: 'Sympathetic to Perverts'?2) I understand size and location affects technology …
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Holy Water Frogs

For some reason the phrase 'Holy Water Frog' came up in a conversation and I thought the image very apt for people who think of themselves as judge, jury and executioner of justice.  They bath in Holy Water and yet for all that, they are still just frogs croaking in the evening air.
I liked it so much that I asked on of my children to draw it for me see below).

It would be topical to apply this image to Mr. Voris and Ms. Niles. Especially since their campaign is waning and they have reverted to casting slurs at those Catholics who did not jump on their bandwagon.
Before we feel too comfortable in our spots, we need to remember the transition to being a Holy Water Frog is lightning quick and Mr. Voris et al are not the only ones susceptible to the malady.
So be grateful that you have the Mass and grateful for the good and holy priests of the SSPX, and pray for the weak and tepid priests.
I am grateful that I have been able to receive the Sacraments of Penance and Holy Communion …

Catholics are not to use the Orans Posture

+ JMJ I am weirded out when someone uses the Orans posture ... now I know why - it is a posture reserved from the priest..
The laity are not priests - so they should be using the posture!

On September 3, 1958 the Sacred Congregation for Rites issued a document titled De musica sacra et sacra liturgia(Instruction on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy). This document stated, “Since the Pater Noster is a fitting, and ancient prayer of preparation for Communion, the entire congregation may recite this prayer in unison with the priest in low Masses; the Amen at the end is to be said by all” (DM Prayers and Hymns § 32).It was at this time that the faithful were given permission to pray the Our Father with the priest. However, the faithful maintained the same posture as before - standing, with their hands folded in prayer. Prior to this Instruction, the priest prayed the Our Father on behalf of the faithful. The Orans Posture is representative of praying on behalf of others. The next time…

Critical Reading / Thinking for Catholics

A practical starting point therefore, is to consider anything you read not as fact, but as an argument of the writer. Taking this starting point you will be ready to engage in critical reading. University of Leicester.
The hoopla being created by CMTV's campaign against the SSPX gave me the idea that Catholics need strong critical thinking skills in order to separate the Intergnat wheat from the chaff.
Do you want to know the two toughest courses that I took in university?
Obviously, I'm going to tell you.
The first was business law.  The teacher was insanely busy, tough and fair.  I got one of the higher marks (~77%) in the class and forced you to really look at cases from a different perspective.
The second was critical reading and writing.
Just like business law, you had to look deeper, behind, and around ideas contained in the assignments. 

It isn't easy to stop and think about what you're reading, writing and ideas the you come across. In my experience people find i…

CMTV: Journalists, Story Tellers or Tale Bearers? How to decide!


Is CMTV a reliable source of Catholic news? Are they journalists, Story Tellers or Tale Bearers?
This are good questions given their approach.
With regards to their reliability as a Catholic News source, we know that their audience is more 'conservative' than Catholic (see this article).  The New York Times is just as reputable a source of news and just like CMTV there are practicing Catholics within their ranks. So CMTV, based on their audience can't make the claim that they are a 'Catholic' news source, even if its members are practicing Catholics and they have a private chapel in their studios.

For years I have been ignoring Michael Voris because his story was always the same. After a while the "sky is falling" becomes a little redundant. Frankly, when Michael Voris made his vow of consecration in 'public' on his video channel - I was turned off and this was solidified when he started attacking the SSPX with various allegations since his spa…

CMTV: Vomitous Mass and Projections

CMTV's campaign has so far provided material for at least a dozen articles on various fallacies and poor reporting.  Frankly, I enjoyed the Kasas City Star article because it was devoid of Mr. Voris' skewed hatred of the SSPX (see below):
To the point of believing themselves being the saviors of the Church, the group routinely recruits future supporters — influencers in the media or money circles — playing up the current crisis in the actual Church as a reason to jump ship and join them.  ... You are not the "saviors of the Church" — and certainly not as you continue to protect child molesters.  In other articles he accuses the SSPX faithful of thinking that they are elite Catholics etc, looking down on modern Catholics etc.Looking through his accusations with the 'projection' lense, it would appear that there is a distinct possibility that Mr. Voris's crusade against the SSPX is grounded on the belief that HE is an elite Catholic better that other…

SSPX - Concerning CMTV Media Campaign

The SSPX has made a number of responses to CMTV, but at this point I think they should just ignore them and focus on the faithful.

CMTV isn't interested in the truth, they're just people living in glass houses who throw stones.

Courtesy of


A Statement of the SSPX concerning a Church Militant Media Campaign For the past week, the Society of Saint Pius X has been the subject of a media campaign conducted by the Church Militant website. It has been accused of having “sympathy for perverts” (sic) and of covering up for some of its members or employees who may have been guilty of misconduct. This is not the first campaign, and it will certainly not be the last. Already, in July 2019, similar accusations had been made against the Society’s authorities by Church Militant.

The Society is committed to transparency and it exercises transparency in an appropriate manner and, as far as possible, while avoiding prejudicing the rights of those involved, starting …