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Gullible and those like him (or her)

A patient man hath a great and wholesome purgatory, who, receiving injuries, is more concerned at the person's sins than his own wrong; who willingly prays for his adversaries, and from his heart forgives offences; who delays not to ask forgiveness of others; who is easier moved to compassion than to anger; who frequently does violence to himself, and labors to bring the flesh wholly under subjection to the spirit. (Imitation of Christ Book 1, Chapter24)
I received a posting from Gullible today and frankly I was frustrated. 

I believe that I clearly answered his or her various objections and yet, like people I know with diagnosed mental illnesses, when confronted with reality, he or she just moves on without acknowledging the fact that they are wrong. 

Why is this? 

Because they are holding onto a belief to justify their actions.

My takeaway is that Gullible is not looking for the truth.

When able, I am going to invest some time to pull together Gullible's posts and hi…

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