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COVID-19 Update with MedCram (Dr. Seheult and Dr. Patrick)

 + JMJ Here is an excellent, but long, video covering many of the issues surrounding COVID-19. P^3 Tradiate suggested that I do a background check on these two people to see if their academic Dr. Roger Seheult   Physician/Clinician Biographies Roger D. Seheult, MD Pulmonology, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine   With Beaver Medical Group since: 2007 Foreign Languages: Gender: Male Office Location Beaumont Sundance Office & Urgent Care 839 N. Highland Springs Avenue Beaumont , CA 92223   Profile: Dr. Seheult produces video on medical topics on his MedCram channel on YouTube: . He was featured in Forbes magazine for his series of excellent videos on the Coronavirus. Expertise: Pulmonary, Critical Care and Sleep Medicine Education: Medical School: Loma Linda University School of Medicine, graduated 2000 Residency: Loma
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Is the SSPX In Schism?

 + JMJ  This question comes up regularly and recently Pope Francis has stirred the pot in Trad Cust. So let's go through this quickly:  The warning provided to Archbishop Lefebvre prior to the 1988 episcopal consecrations did not cite the canons relating to schism (see below). Just the ones relating to the ipso facto excommunication due to performing an episcopal consecration without papal mandate.    Canonical Warning: Congregation for Bishops to His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Archbishop-Bishop Emeritus of Tulle: Since on June 15, 1988 74 you stated that you intended to ordain four priests to the episcopate without having obtained the mandate of the Supreme Pontiff as required by Canon 1013 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law, I myself convey to you this public canonical warning, confirming that if you should carry out your intention as stated above, you yourself and also the bishops ordained by you shall incur ipso facto excommunication latæ sententiæ reserved to the Apo

Pray to St. Joseph to intercede in this Federal Election

 + JMJ    Today is the day we elect a new government. Please pray to St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Canada, to intercede for us for the election of a good leader. P^3

A Look Back: Archbishop Lefebvre’s Prophetic Address to The Remnant, 1976

 + JMJ  Looking back is important to understand why we are where we are in this crisis. Courtesy of RemnantNewsPaper  P^3 FOR THE FIRST TIME ONLINE: Archbishop Lefebvre’s Prophetic Address to The Remnant, 1976 Written by  Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre Introduction by Michael J. Matt More than forty years ago—during the disastrous reign of Pope Paul VI, the latest candidate for a Vatican-issued Halo Award, by the way—my father, Walter L. Matt, organized the first large scale public reception in the U.S. for the late Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. It was held at the Radisson South Hotel, Minneapolis, on Tuesday, May 12, 1976, and its stated purpose was to assist the Archbishop in gaining a stronger foothold for the Society of St. Pius X in the States during the unprecedented crisis Blessed Pope Paul had helped unleash on the Church. On that occasion Archbishop Lefebvre delivered an address on the despe

A Look Back: The SSPX 2006 General Chapter Declaration

 + JMJ  The declarations from the General Chapters of the SSPX provide a milestone in the conflict.  Here we have the top priority in 2006: To obtain from Heaven for Pope Benedict XVI the strength required to completely free up the Mass of all time, called the Tridentine Mass. This is still a priority and the liturgical wars show how important it is indeed! P^3 Courtesy of Rorate-Caeli   The SSPX General Chapter Declaration The news agency of the Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X (FSSPX/SSPX), DICI , has released a letter from the Superior General, to which a Declaration of the General Chapter on the relationship of the Fraternity with the Holy See is attached. For some unfathomable reason, the text has been released in French , Spanish , Portuguese , German , Italian , and Dutch , but not in English... The Declaration affirms that the position of the Fraternity is that expressed by its founder, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, in November 21, 1974: "We adhere with ou

FSSPX.News: The Status of the Traditional Mass Since the Liturgical Reform

 + JMJ  The conflict over the Tridentine Mass extends to times earlier than the Second Vatican Council, but erupted with the creation of Consilium -led by +Bugnini. This brief SSPX article provides a quick summary of the way the leaders of the Catholic Church have treated the Tridentine Mass and those who adhere to it. P^3 Courtesy of FSSPX.News   What is the “legal” situation of the Missal of St. Pius V since the promulgation of the reform of Paul VI and the Novus Ordo Missae ? How and under what conditions can the immemorial rite be used? In what ways has it been maintained and developed? Pope Francis’s recent motu proprio Traditionis Custodes provides the opportunity to consider this. It is not difficult to discover five stages between 1970, the date of the promulgation of the new Roman use, and 2021 which is witnessing the publication of Traditionis Custodes . I. 1970-1984: The New Missal The entry into force of the Paul VI missal in 1970 froze the

Trad Open Carry

 + JMJ     Catholics have known for hundreds of years that the weapon of choice that covers the needs for close quarters as well as ranged combat is the Rosary.  Our Lady gave it to St. Dominic to fight the heresy of his day and Our Lady of Fatima reiterated its use in the battle of today. Last weekend (Sep 3rd) my wife bought us a couple SSPX M1 rosaries (description below).  I joked, this is now my open everyday carry.  I find it hard to say the rosary working from home as I often lose my spot. Now with this rosary I hope to collect Our Fathers and Hail Marys throughout the day. P^3 The Memory Rosary , or M1 Rosary , is a compact 15-decade rosary designed specially to "remember" your place as you pray. Wherever the beads are pushed along the cord, they stay. This means that you can pray the rosary as you go through your day, without ever having to worry about remembering where you left off if you are interrupted, or if you need to turn your attention elsewhere for a moment