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SSPX and Plan To Protect

 + JMJ   This will be a short article, surprise!!!! The SSPX knew that it needed a system to protect both its members and faithful from abuse and from false allegations.  For North America the project was championed by Fr. Wegner, first in Canada, then in the USA. This was years before CMTV launched their campaign, so they can't make any claim that they prompted the SSPX into action.  So for reference, I have attached the US website as I am uncertain of an Canadian equivalent. en   P^3  
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FSSXP.News: Traditionis Custodes Part 6

 + JMJ   For those who attend the SSPX for the Sacraments and a bit of sanity in a Church gone crazy, be grateful for those who trod this path before you.   P^3   Courtesy of FSSPX.News   Special Dossier : “Traditionis Custodes” (6) September 05, 2021 Source: In this unprecedented period of crisis, faced with this new attack against the Tridentine Mass, it is helpful to look back on this sermon given by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, during the priestly ordinations on June 29, 1982 at the Ecône Seminary. The founder of the Society of Saint Pius X drew a parallel between the Passion of Christ and the Passion of His Church in our era. Only faith will allow us to remain standing during the ordeal, like the Blessed Virgin Mary at the foot of the Cross: stabat Mater . Briefly, I would like to try to explain what I think our course of action should be in the fa

FSSXP.News: Traditionis Custodes Part 5

 + JMJ Pope Francis makes me happy about one thing: That the farce of a 'nice', 'accepting', 'liberal' Catholic Church is over.  There's no one so intolerant as a Liberal in the face of a non-Liberal. P^3   Courtesy of   Special Dossier: “Traditionis Custodes” (5) September 03, 2021 Source: In the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes, Pope Francis has implemented a battery of measures seeking to circumscribe the Tridentine Mass, with the hope of making it disappear to the exclusive advantage of the Mass of Paul VI. Such relentlessness prompts some questions: The first concerns the motives, published or hidden, given in the accompanying letter. The second tackles the basic question: the link between the Council and the Novus Ordo. The third concerns the principal reactions to the motu proprio. The fourth seeks to defin

FSSPX.News: Press Review: Traditionis Custodes in the Context of the Current Crisis (1)

 + JMJ  The SSPX has published what appears to be the first of several press reviewss on TC. So for the record! P^# Courtesy of FSSPX.News Press Review: Traditionis Custodes in the Context of the Current Crisis (1) October 10, 2021 Source: There have been many comments on and analyses of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes this summer. All place Francis’s decision to limit the celebration of the traditional Mass as much as possible in the context of the crisis which is currently shaking the Church, but with very different perspectives. Questioning the Hermeneutics of Continuity In Le Figaro of August 14, Cardinal Robert Sarah, former prefect of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments - without ever citing the name of the Pope - sees in the motu proprio a questioning of what he calls “the credibility of the Church.

Why did I get Vaccinated?

 + JMJ I was asked this question and because I had been focused on the morality and safety it took me back a bit. When I recovered from my surprise, my answer was simple: For my wife, children and mother. There are other people that factor into this, but that was my answer.  First, if my children got COVID-19, I'd have to care for them and I couldn't risk being sick as well.   Second, my mother lives in an assisted living facility.  She and the rest of the occupants of the building are immunized, but and it is a big BUT , the residents are elderly.  I know two important things: Vaccines are ineffective for about 5% of people, The immune response for immuno-compromised people (including the elderly) may be shorter. Meaning the protection reduces over time.  So, while my personal risk from contracting COVID-19 is relatively small, I am concerned about the people that I have contact with and especially those who are more at risk. There you have it, the reason why I got vaccinat

Ectopic Pregnancy: Does the Mother Have to Die for Nothing? - A Cautionary Tale For Catholic Parents!

 + JMJ The Mother should die! I've heard these words uttered with conviction on two separate occasions by Traditional Catholics.  The context, ectopic pregnancy. In both cases, it was obvious that they were making an assumption that this was equivalent to abortion. Welcome to one of the difficult issues of Catholic Moral Theology. My first exposure to this was a trial by fire as we had an ectopic pregnancy. My wife thought she was having a miscarriage, like our previous pregnancy.  To be certain we went in and discovered that my wife was in grave danger of dying, if something wasn't done to prevent the rupture. As noted by the Doctor, this is leading cause of pregnancy deaths in the developed world. A woman may not know she's expecting, experience a ruptured Fallopian tube, go into shock due to bleeding and die. This resulted in deepening my understanding of  St. Thomas' principle of double effect see Summa Theologica (II-II, Qu. 64, Art.7) ( Stanford link and Cathol