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Catholic Wisdom on 'Birth Control'


Modern social norms exert an enormous pressure on today's Catholics.  It is sad to say that this pressure is not to abide by Catholic principles, but to act against them, in short: To Sin.

One sustained pressure point is the procreation of children.

Fortunately, the teaching of the Catholic Church has established clear principles in this regard.

Contraception in all forms (onanism, condonism, vaginal irrigation, spermatocide, etc) is gravely sinful.With regards to the use of the Ryhthm or Natural Family Planning (NFP) method:Serious motives, (medical, eugenic, economic and social), are needed. To make use of the marital act continuously and without serious reason to attempt to avoid procreation would be a sin against the very meaning of conjugal life.  I have attached below some references and text for further study.



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