Monday, March 20, 2017

The Question of Papal Heresy -


Fr. Gleize has written a series of articles (compiled into one long article below) on the 'Question of Papal Heresy".

I am aware that some are thinking it a capitulation on the part of the SSPX.

I do not agree.

I will explain more in my next Lenten post,  due to the gravity of the issue.


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The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 1
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 2
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 3
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 4
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 5
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 6a
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 6b

The Dubia of September 2016


Following the release of the theological censures - it seems logical and right to post a copy of the dubia that have caused such consternation within the Church.

Five little questions that shouldn't be hard to answer - unless someone doesn't want to be cornered. 🔃

Why the "🔃"?

Because we've been here before, these dubia are simply the latest in a series of issues that have been raised about the dubious directions / documents issued since the Second Vatican Council.

Pope Francis is simply a product of this crisis - deposing him won't end this crisis.

If the rest of the Church Docens wakes up and realizes that this 'experiment of modernism" is a failure on so many levels and takes action.  Then and practially speaking, only then will we arrive at the corner of this crisis.

Turning it is another thing!


LifeSiteNews: Full Text of Four Cardinals Letter

Sunday, March 19, 2017

A Theological Critique of Amoris Laetitia


It's been a while since the dubia overshadowed a the critique - but it (and its cover letter) still mark an important point in this crisis - not the ultimate point - but an important point nonetheless.

I've done my best to reformat the text ... but there may still be some spots I missed.


PS. While I'm 'retired' from Blogging and it is Lent, I felt that this needed to be published.

Lifesite News: Links to article pdfs

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Canon 212 and Pewsitter


This morning I received an alert that Pewsitter had been hacked.

So, I have decided to remove Canon 212 and Pewsitter from my bloglist for this reason and ...

Because the continual onslaught of misc 'news' is not conducive to a good spiritual life.


Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Posting Pause


FYI: I will be taking a 'holiday' for retirement posting during lent!

Wishing you a blessed lent!


Sunday, February 26, 2017

What can we do???


So for those with eyes to see the Catholic Church is in a crisis of Faith and it began at the top (Paul VI???) and will end at the top (Pope ?????? the ??).

The question is what can / should we do?  I am of course thinking primarily of the Laity, but my thinking also applies to the professed.

What I see as a high probability is that Rome will finally drop the mantra sometime in the next 3 to 5 years.

Whether it is under Pope Francis the Last or some other Pontiff doesn't really matter.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Rome and the SSPX - Nothing like a bit of drama to increase the readership


Every so often there is a flurry of announcements concerning the 'potential', 'impending', 'imminent' regularization of the SSPX.

Usually, the words from Rome are laced with little tidbits, such as fear of a split within the SSPX etc.

Then from the SSPX comes the water dousing the feverish thoughts of those who follow the ins and outs of the Rome / SSPX relations.

My information is paraphrased as the following: Don't hold your breathe.  There are still significant issues with the 'offer'.

Further, I am aware that the Societies house in Albano was no longer meeting the needs for the Society in Rome and that they have been looking for a solution for a number years.

Nothing to see here, moving on ...

As an FYI here's some links to commentary.

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