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SSPX Live Stream Masses


Hot on the heals of posting that Modern Catholics need to make sacrifices, it does not mean that Traditional Catholics don't need to make sacrifices. We already make sacrifices, driving hours to get to Mass for example, and now we can't even get to Mass.  It is like a persecution, but of a different sort because this is a chastisement from God calling all living souls to do penance and turn away from sin.

At least we can offer up the sacrifice and profit even more by this week of Passiontide.
While no recording can replace actual attendance at the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X hope that faithful who are deprived of the ability to attend Mass can unite their prayers in this way.
For those unable to attend, I have attached a list of SSPX livestreams.

Reminder The duty to sanctify Sunday remains for those who are prevented from attending Holy Mass:
The faithful who are prevented are therefore obliged to sanctify Sunday by…
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Modern Catholics Need To Make the Sacrifices


I read somewhere that change involves two 'pains'.

The first is the 'unlearning' of something that you've learned.  Effectively this is overcoming previously perspectives and understanding the reality of the situation.

This can be incredibly painful and I suspect many never overcome this pain and the sacrifice that accompanies the realization that the Catholic Church is in crisis.

The second pain is the realization that action must be taken. The salvation of their soul and those over whom they have responsibility hang in the balance.  However, taking the right action is just as difficult because it means learning a new and, if done correctly, broader perspective.

A truly Catholic perspective.

The path to and through the two pains requires sacrifice on several levels and I believe it can't be done without the continued practice of virtue.  I know of a number (Gerry Matatix, Louis Verrecchio come to mind) who have made it past the first pain only to falter…

NavyTimes: How to talk to someone you believe is misinformed about the coronavirus

I hope you're all keeping well amidst the coronavirus outbreak.

Part of my role at work is to monitor the risk context and covid-19 forms a large part of it right now.

There's a lot of crazy 'opinions' out in the intergnat, some of it down right dangerous.

So ... here's something that I found on Navy Times about have covid-19 discussions.

Also ... don't miss the editorial commentary at the end of the article.

Source:Navy Times - How to talk to someone you believe is misinformed about the coronavirus


How to talk to someone you believe is misinformed about the coronavirusEmma Frances Bloomfield, University of Nevada, Las Vegas March 17

The medical evidence is clear: The coronavirus global health threat is not an elaborate hoax. Bill Gates did not create the coronavirus to sell more vaccines. Essential oils are not effective at protecting you from coronavirus.
But those facts have not stopped contrary claims from spreading both on and offline.
No matt…

CBC: How Deadly is COVID-19


A priest stands by one of the coffins stored at the church of San Giuseppe in Seriate, near the hard-hit city of Bergamo in the Lombardy region of Italy on Thursday. (Piero Cruciatti/AFP/Getty Images)

There's a lot of focus on the numbers as people try to rationalise for and against measures that restrict their 'freedom'.

So let's add a little clarity.

First the fatality rate is a result of sampling a population. If the sample only includes those symptomatic, then the statistic reflects the fatality of those in that cohort.

In other words, it is a sample of the 15 and 5 percenters that are really sick.  No one knows COVID-19's actual fatality rate because of the skewed data. What they do know is that if a person falls in the 20% level, it is bad.

While that may sound like a small percentage (hey 80% was a 'B' in school eh?) it still represents a huge portion of a population.  The population of Canada is 37.59M, the states is 327.5M.  This translat…

How Dangerous is COVID-19?

A little context is very helpful.
At this point estimates of the fatality rate for covid are varying.
Here's some comparisons that McKinsey published early March.
So is it bad. Yep.  
Is it going to be like the 1918 influenza - nope.
If there's one key stat that I like to quote it is:  80, 15, 5
For COVID-19, data to date suggest that 80% of infections are mild or asymptomatic, 15% are severe infection, requiring oxygen and 5% are critical infections, requiring ventilation. These fractions of severe and critical infection would be higher than what is observed for influenza infection. Source: WHO My conclusion: Yes, many people are going to die from this disease and that will be a tragedy.  However, the longer lasting effects will come from the economic impacts.

Corona Virus: SSPX Guidelines

Something that modern Catholics have forgotten or never been taught is that while Catholics need the Mass, the Mass doesn't need Catholics.

In other words, while the Modern Mass is a spectator sport that needs an audience (relax I'm having a little fun), the Traditional Mass is oriented towards God.

A congregation is not required.

I know this will seem foreign to some of my modern Catholic readers. The thought that a priest should not seek to say Mass without a congregation is a post-Vatican II idea.

A false idea.

The SSPX priests will continue to say daily Mass and we will still receive graces from these acts via the Communion of Saints.

... but that doesn't mean you can just watch sports re-runs on Sunday. While we've been dispensed from the obligation to attend Sunday Mass, we still must keep Sunday Holy.

Below you'll find some guidance from the SSPX on how to achieve that goal


Courtesy of Guidelines SSPX District of Canada

Latest C…