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Advent Series - December 12

December 12 The last of the 12 judges was Samson. Before Samson was born, the Israelites once more fell into evil. God allowed their enemies the Philistines to take over. After 40 years, the Israelites again turned back to God and God heard their prayers. And an angel appeared to Samson’s mother telling her that she would have a son, who would be a Nazarite of God. According to the Old Law, the Nazarites were those who led a more perfect life. They abstained from wine, and all unclean things. They were not supposed to cut their hair for the law stated “All the time of his separation no razor shall pass over his head, until the day be fulfilled of his consecration to the Lord. He shall be holy and shall let the hair on his head grow.” (Num 6:5)

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