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When is a Man a Man? When he is a man of virtue!


There's been a lot of chatter about the Gillette commercial and now a 'response' by Egard Watches.

From my perspective, both adds miss the real point about what the Best Men Can Be!

In the Gillette film we see a group of men watching a couple of boy fight ... while the men chant the mantra of 'Boys will be boys'.  We later see men intervening in various situations, such as when boys are bullying another boy. We also see boys watching popular entertainment in which immodesty is rampant etc.

The Egard response says responds by seeing the good in men.

So ... what have they missed?

Well, following a Catholic moral perspective (ie Truth): A human male becomes a 'man' by practicing virtue.  Denying himself, picking up his cross and (even when surrounded by a corrupt environment) following Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The episodes shown on the Gillette video are a mixed bag and all miss the point.

The films that Gillette showed with boys and men ogling women are full of vice.

The issue of boys bullying is shown and men are seen intervening.

None of this shows the boys what virtues they need to control.  None of this shows the environment, granted that a man has to control himself, but at the same time the question should be asked: Who is more at fault - the child exposed to the environment replete with vice, or the people who promote and create that environment for profit?

I have posted the Egard film, because they do provide a counter-point, a bit of perspective. Even if they miss the core point.

A man is a male who practices virtue.

Everyone is called to practice virtue, male and female alike.  In the Catholic Church, a woman can also guilty of being the object of temptation for a man by her actions and dressing. 

A woman is a female who practices virtue.

Let's now forget what this is all about eh?



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