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Church Militant TV - Pride and Prejudice

Continuing from yesterday's post, I'd like to take a quick look at CMTV's personal response to the SSPX press release ( Church Militant: Response to SSPX press release ).

Since Baresel's first article was shot down ... they appear to be trying to save face.  First, by reiterating the assertion that the SSPX is somehow sheltering Fr. McLucas ... even though he isn't a member, doesn't reside with the SSPX and ... well wasn't convicted of a crime. They show their bias by restating the unproven allegation that Fr. McLucas committed sin with the woman in her twenties. Later they correctly state that this is an allegation. 

Since there isn't any traction here they move on to other allegations, listing them as 'Evidence of protecting sexual predators'.

Case 1 Fr. Peignot: It's weird that CMTV makes this case, which ends with the SSPX "... After Andre took his complaint to the Vatican, the Vatican authorized the SSPX to begin a canonical …

Slavery: What does the Catholic Church Teach?

This was an interesting question that popped up on Suscipe Domine.

So for our benefit - here we have some info!


Catholic Encyclopedia: Slavery and Christianity

Catholic Encyclopedia: Ethical Aspect of Slavery

Catholic Encyclopedia:Catholicae Ecclesiae

Source: EWTN

THE POPES AND SLAVERY: SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHTFr. Joel S. PanzerWhen did the Catholic Church condemn slavery? According to some notable figures, the Church did not finally condemn slavery until recently. Judge John T. Noonan stated that it was not until 1890 that the Church condemned the institution of slavery, lagging behind laws enacted to outlaw the practice. He and others argue that slavery is one of the areas in which the Church has changed its moral teaching to suit the times, and that the time for this change did not come until near the end of the last century.
Theologian Laennec Hurbon may be cited as representing a belief among many authors that no Pope before 1890 condemned slavery when he stated that, &…

A New Church for the SSPX and my Alma-Mater!


The SSPX is looking to build a church to accommodate the faithful in St. Mary's, Kansas!

I was in the room when Father De La Tour first proposed a reconstruction of the Immaculata Chapel.

Looking back over the decades, I'm glad that the project was delayed - otherwise they would be building another church!

Please consider supporting this project!


h/t: Rorate Caeli