Fatima.org: Get Ready to Duck the Synod Wreckng Ball


So the Amazon.Com synod is finally over and Chris Ferrara has a piece over on Fatima Org.

... as always it is worth reading ( Source: Fatima.Org ).

I have pulled out a couple of the key points that seem to summarise the issue...

Well, the English/French “small group” relatio, prepared by Pope Francis’ handpicked subversives, whose work will be passed off as “the voice of the Spirit,” has provided a window onto the synodal proceedings that confirms our worst expectations:  they intend to wreck not only the priesthood, but literally whatever is left of traditional Catholicism in the already terminally dysfunctional “Church of Vatican II.”
Oh yes, there will still be ordained priests in this proposed new Church.  But they will be married, and the deacons ordained to assist them will be women.  The deal is done, barring divine intervention.
Get ready to duck the latest swing of the post-conciliar wrecking ball as it levels the remains of “the Church of Vatican II” and replaces it with “the face of the Amazon.”  And when the wrecking ball passes yet again, we can simply continue the practice of the faith of our fathers in the true and unchanging Church of Eternal Rome, wherever it can still be found, while in the background the sound of collapsing structures signals a merciful end to the process of “self-demolition” which that deluded visionary, Paul VI, lamented too little and too late to stop what he himself had set in motion.

Frankly, I'm glad that I was too busy to pay attention to the shenanigans in the Vatican and the latest 'synod'.

It looks like I didn't miss anything noteworthy.



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