Is the 'resistance' a guard-rail for the SSPX???


I noticed this on a recent 'EC' from Bishop Williamson:  
Certainly the Society still has a great deal to do, because it can still do much good. So can the so-called “Resistance” which plays, and is right to play, the part of a guard-rail whenever the Society strays off course and totters under the attacks of the modern world and the temptations held out to it by the Conciliar churchmen. I am convinced that the “Resistance” has a vital part to play, and that Our Lord enables it to exist for a great good, even inside the Society although it appears to be outside. Personally I count myself as a firm resistant to anybody who does not clearly attack, head on, the Second Vatican Council which was inspired by the Devil. After all, how can one live as a true Catholic today without resisting everywhere and all the time? So is not being a Catholic here below the hardest and most beautiful thing that there is? Thank you, granny, for praying to Jesus and Mary for me!
I think that clarity is required in dealing with the resistance (all the various twigs thereof).

Point 1: They have abandoned a number of doctrines and in some individual cases, dogmas of the Catholic Church. See the following series for what I uncovered when the 'resistors' first left or were expelled from the SSPX.

Errors of the Resistance 
Heresies of the Resistance

Point 2: Because they have cast aside these doctrines and dogmas, that cannot be said to represent the 'true SSPX'.

Point 3: Therefore, they are neither following the path of Archbishop Lefebvre, nor are they still members of that society.  To think otherwise is delusional.

Point 4: Therefore they are only guard-rails in as much as they show the SSPX were the danger lies and that it they cross the line of the 'resistance' they will fall into heresy and error just as surely as they have.

So keep in mind, that if you hit a guard- rail, you've already left the roadway.

If you hold the same opinions on doctrine and dogmas as the 'resistance' you're already losing the Catholic Faith.



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