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A Look Back: Pre-Conditions for Doctrinal Discussions Circa 2001

I know that some 'resistors' will  freak at: that the censures against the Bishops be declared null. But hopefully they'll get over it because Bishop Williamson also agreed to the final letter before the excommunications were lifted.
Having been involved in negotiations between two organizations, I know that it is natural for  'positions' to be altered as opposed to issues. Even more so over negotiations that last eight years!
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to SSPX Members and Friends,
January 22, 2001
(Official Translation) In August, at the end of last summer's pilgrimage to Rome, Cardinal Castrillon Hoyos had a first direct contact with the Society's Bishops.

During the month of November the same Cardinal, under a mandate from Pope John …

Reblog What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 3


The author of the conference makes the following claim:
The distinction between "eternal Rome" and "the Rome of Neo-Modernist and Neo-Protestant tendencies" - what was the basis of Archbishop Lefebvre's rules of engagement has been obliterated. In my opinion this is a core aspect of the 'resistance' belief system.  The problem is that the facts belie a different story than what the author claims changed in February 2013 with Fr. Gleize's article.

A Look Back: Lifting of the Excommunications

A look back on the events of 2009.


Courtesy of Bishop Fellay on the withdrawal of the excommunications

Courtesy of Press Release on the withdrawal of the excommunications

Bishop Fellay addresses the faithful about the 2009 withdrawal of the excommunications invalidly imposed upon the SSPX's bishops in 1988. Bishop Fellay on the withdrawal of the 1988 excommunications 1-24-2009
Dear faithful,
As I announce in the attached press release,
the excommunication of the bishops consecrated by His Excellency Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, on June 30, 1988, which had been declared by the Congregation for Bishops in a decree dated July 1, 1988, and which we had always contested, has been withdrawn by another decree mandated by Benedict XVI and issued by the same Congregation on January 21, 2009." It was the prayer intention I had entrusted to you in Lourdes, on the feast of Christ the King 2008. Your response exceeded our expectations, since 1,730,000 …

A look back: Wasn't Archbishop Lefebvre Excommunicated?

Further to 'Eyeballs' thoughts (see this link) here's the SSPX perspective on the excommunications.


Courtesy of FAQ: Wasn't Archbishop Lefebvre Excommunicated?

Wasn't Archbishop Lefebvre excommunicated? FAQ #11 Confusion often arises about Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre's 1988 consecration of four bishops without papal permission, which action Pope John Paul II pointed out carried with it the latae sententiae (automatic) penalty of excommunication.
However, according to canon law, a person who believes, like Archbishop Lefebvre did, that there is a moral necessity to break a law (i.e., for the salvation of souls) would not incur any automatic penalties, even if that person were to be incorrect in that assessment.
June 29, 1987 Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, experiencing failing health, aware of his episcopal duty to pass on the Catholic Faith and seeing no other way of assuring the continued ordination of truly Catholic priests, decided to …

SSPX: Is the Consecration of Bread and Wine Outside of Mass Valid? - A simple case of Form, Matter and Intention

There is, even among trads, some confusion about the necessary conditions for a valid confection of the Sacrament of the Eucharist.
I answer that, the minister's intention may be perverted in two ways. First in regard to the sacrament: for instance, when a man does not intend to confer a sacrament, but to make a mockery of it. Such a perverse intention takes away the truth of the sacrament, especially if it be manifested outwardly. Secondly, the minister's intention may be perverted as to something that follows the sacrament: for instance, ... to consecrate the Body of Christ, so as to use it for sorcery. And because that which comes first does not depend on that which follows, consequently such a perverse intention does not annul the sacrament; but the minister himself sins grievously in having such an intention.
With the increase in public black masses, this article is well timed!


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Is the Consecration of Bread and Wine Outside of Mass Valid? Au…

SSPX Credo - Multimedia Site

SSPX Canada has launched a multi-media site called Credo that has a great selection of talks, conferences, sermons etc.

One in particular was recently pointed out to me: A sermon given by Archbishop Lefebvre in Montreal in 1982 on the infiltration of modernism in the Church.

Archbishop Lefebvre, Montreal Conference  1982(Infiltration of Modernism in The Church)        

I've added a link to the home page and encourage you to have a look!



Reblog: What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 2


Introduction to the 'Private Conference' Interestingly at the end of the introduction are the following words:
Firstly, let us say that this is not for us to judge people and to impute motives.
Above all, what is needed is to try to analyze the situation objectively based on facts and official documents. Given my encounters with "resistors", I expect to find a vary narrow selection official documents used to support what they perceive as facts in order to judge people and impute motives.

The Remnant: Archbishop Lefebvre was right!

In negotiations there are positions and there are issues. Positions are a perception of an issue.  However, if a negotiation is fixed on positions, then they'll never be able to achieve a lasting agreement.

Lasting agreements deal with issues.

I think that is was Mr. Matt is point out: Set aside positions and focus on the issues.

Then we have a chance of getting somewhere!


Courtesy of The Remnant

LEFEBVRE WAS RIGHT: For God’s Sake, Unite the Clans! Written by 
The Remnant calls for worldwide support of all traditional Catholic priests Pope Francis/Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre When a group of feminists in Argentina wanted to mark International Women’s Day a couple of years back, they dressed a woman up to look like the Mother of God and had her perform a mock (with fake blood) abortion on herself in front of Our Lady of the Incarnation Cathedral in the city of San Miguel de Tucuman. The photographs of this blasphemy are t…

Did Rome believe that the Bishops of the SSPX incurred the penalty of excommunication? - Updated


See Update below ...
A reader asked me the following question:
Hi P^3
Help me straighten out a friend, can you please get me the Vatican documentation saying that the Bishops were not guilty of excommunication, my friend thinks the Vatican still considered all guilty but removed the excommunication of the 4 Bishops as a sign of good will. Thanks
A.S.  I think your friend is materially correct - here's the section of the letter the remits the excommunication:
On the basis of the powers expressly granted to me by the Holy Father Benedict XVI, by virtue of the present Decree I remit the penalty of excommunication latae sententiae incurredby Bishops Bernard Fellay, Bernard Tissier de Mallerais, Richard Williamson and Alfonso de Galarreta, and declared by this Congregation on 1 July 1988. At the same time I declare that, as of today's date, the Decree issued at that time no longer has juridical effect. So, as far as Rome was concerned, the six bishops did inc…

Reblog: What is the 'Resistance' hiding? Review of "How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?" Part 1

Background I have in my possession a 'private conference not to be put on the internet' titled: How to see clearly through the current situation of Tradition?  According to their website, it was delivered by a Monk of Avrille November 15, 2014.

My intention in reviewing this document is to determine if it is consistent with my earlier observations of the issues I noted in the 'resistance' (see links below). Specifically, that the 'resistance' believes that the 'conciliar Church' is a separate organization that is parallel to the One, Holy, Roman, Catholic Church.

Kuala Lumpur warns faithful about the SSPX

A couple of humorous perspectives:

Chapel of the Sacred Heart of Jesus (SSPX), a chapel not recognized by the Archdiocese I guess they are no longer able to recognize what is authentically Catholic vs inculturated ... :-)

The views of the SSPX also dissent from the teachings of the Second Vatican Council This is a little outdated ... I wish I knew what exactly they are talking about and how to square the circle with pre-conciliar Catholic Teaching.

and they have serious questions about the order of mass promulgated by Pope St. Paul VI Darn tooting they are serious questions, I'm glad they have admitted that the questions posed by the SSPX are serious and meriting a serious answer.

But we already know the answer to one of them: 
 As for the use of the 1962 Missal as a Forma extraordinaria of the liturgy of the Mass, I would like to draw attention to the fact that this Missal was never juridically abrogated and, consequently, in principle, was always permitted.Source: Sum…

Catholic Family News: Church Militant v. Fr. McLucas & SSPX: Setting the Record Straight


 Original image: LifeSiteNews
So a quick follow-up on Church Militant's latest foray into rad-Journalism.  Matt Gaspers has invested the time and energy to dig in further (much further than M.Voris et al) into the allegations that have been made and guess what ... Voris et al are wrong.


I'm not.

As I mentioned earlier, they obviously didn't do their home work and latched on to the first sensationalist headline to try and keep people for waking up and realising that the SSPX has been right about the crisis of the Church long before Voris knew how to use a video camera and microphone.

But ... the truth is what we need to hear ... all of it ... and not just the suspicions and allegations of people who have an agenda against the SSPX.

I wonder what else is on their agenda ...


Courtesy of Catholic Family News

Church Militant v. Fr. McLucas & SSPX: Setting the Record Straight Matt Gaspers August 16, 2019 24 min read Background to the Story On July 23, 2019,…