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What the Pope thinks

+JMJ +Maike Hickson just tweeted the following :Pope Francis: "True resistance is not in the people of God, who really feel they are the people.... See, I find consolation in the people of God. And God’s people are also a real litmus test: If you are really with God’s people, you can see if things are going well or not." unpack  Pope Francis' words: I only listen to sycophants. This appears to be a case of the blind leading the blind. P^3

A Prejudice Against Catechisms

+JMJ +Amongst modern catholics I have encountered a bias against question and answer style catechisms. It is maddening at least from a traditional catholic cultural perspective. My brain hurts when modern catholics complain about a lack of catechesis, and then assume that you can give the kids Scripture classes without the context of the objective truths of the Catholic Church.Without that context they will easily be lost in the rising tide of the world.
It seems to hearken back to Luther's battle cry: Sola scripturaTo fix this teach the young from a good Catechism, and explain the foundation of these truths. I give them the certainty of the Catholic Faith as a foundation and deepen it with the understanding. Typically I call this the what and why. What is the truth? Then explain why it is true. P^3

The Remnant: Angry Leftwing Catholic Attacks Traditionalists

If it wasn't so sad, it would be laughable ...


Courtesy of The Remnant Newspaper

Angry Leftwing Catholic Attacks Traditionalists Written by 

Parallel to the Cold War that raged between the United States and Soviet Union when American and Soviet submarines played cat and mouse games in the rough waters of the Atlantic Ocean and cloak and dagger spies tailed each other throughout the murky streets of Central European capitals, a similar fox and hound game was fought between traditionally-minded Catholics and those who embraced not only the letter but the spirit of Second Vatican and its perceived radical changes to nearly two thousand years of Catholic teaching. Traditionalist publications such as The Remnant, Catholic Family News, The Angelus and the Fatima Crusader and a host of others lobbed inky grenades at what even in the 1980s and 90s were known as “Old Liberal” print journals staffed and re…

The Order of Malta

+JMJ +Edward Pending just confirmed that the Order of Malta has banned the Tridentine liturgies released under Summorum Pontificum. " A spokeswoman for the @orderofmalta in Rome has confirmed to me this morning that this June 10 letter of the Grand Master banning all liturgical ceremonies in the Extraordinary Form within the Order is genuine."TweetThe Reformation is complete.P^3Update and LMS have copies of official document. RorateLMS California Wants to Reject Divine Law...and the First Amendment to the Constitution?


Well this isn't too surprising is it??? Singling out the Catholics - a little obvious!

I guess what they should do it un-convert the face-to-face confessionals and put in the walls, screen, etc so the priest can't identify the penitent ... or agent.

If someone tells a priest their name in the confessional - - - then hit the eject button.


Courtesy of

Catholic World Report: american-anti-catholicism-and-the-confessional/

The State Senate of California recently passed a Project of law (Senate Bill or SB360), authored by Democrat Jerry Hill which attacks the seal of the confessional. It is being held before the Assembly and could be voted in. This bill would be the first case of US legislation meddling with the seal of the confessional.

In US laws, priests among many other counselors would be considered “mandatory reporters” meaning that they have the duty to report knowledge or suspicion of child abuse or neglect. Up to this point “knowledge obta…

Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider Issue a Declaration

+JMJ + Cardinal Burke and Bishop Schneider have published a Declaration of truths. One that can be seen as an indirect rebuke Pope Francis. I will post the text when I have the opportunity. I wonder if this is a result of the open letter? I also wonder how the likes of David Armstrong will spin it. P^3 Update Lifesite News published the link to the declaration here. Courtesy of
Explanatory note In our time the Church is experiencing one of the greatest spiritual epidemics, that is, an almost universal doctrinal confusion and disorientation, which is a seriously contagious danger for spiritual health and eternal salvation for many souls. At the same time one has to recognize a widespread lethargy in the exercise of the Magisterium on different levels of the Church’s hierarchy in our days. This is largely caused by the non-compliance with the Apostolic duty - as stated also by the Second Vatican Council - to “vigilantly ward off any errors that threaten the f…

Reactionary Reaction to a Book by Dr. Taylor Marshall

David Armstrong's 'reaction' to other 'reactions' is predictable, because he is not 'culturally' Catholic.

If he was he wouldn't write stuff like this ...

However, given what happens to some converts - - - it may be for the best.

So ... here we go.

First a reference:
Dave Armstrong: Reactionary Infiltration of Taylor Marshall’s Book, “Infiltration”

He has been married to his wife Judy since October 1984, and the couple has three sons and a daughter.[20] Armstrong holds a Bachelor of Arts, Sociology (cum laude) from Wayne State University, Detroit, 1982.Wikipedia  A little background: He's a sociologist. No biggy - good to see he got through university with something. But ... this means that all of his Theology is self-taught. Like me ... except I have a foundation from an SSPX school.
It is mere recycled radical Catholic reactionary conspiratorialism: a sort of updated version of The Great Facade (2002; updated with a 2nd edition in 2015: …

"Catholic" Charismatic Renewal - Protestantism within the bosum of the Catholic Church (Part 7)

Last post on this topic.

Acts 2:17
And it shall come to pass, in the last days, (saith the Lord,) I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams. I've heard this quoted by a Modern Catholic in support of the speaking of tongues, prophesying and (I believe) the end of the world.

There's only one problem ... this is a prophesy that was already fulfilled as is obvious if one reads includes the previous verse:

But this is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel
In otherwords, on the day of Pentecost, the prophesy of Joel was fulfilled.

Ergo: We aren't waiting for this one to be fulfilled in today's age. 

Been there, done that.

The warning is simple:

Don't be so desperate to find an excuses to not attend a Traditional Mass.  The only difference between the New Mass (as promulgated - just so we can set aside all the 'crap' that a…

A change of the guard in Lourdes

+JMJ +Pope Francis has removed the control of the Lourdes shrine from the local bishop and given it to what is reported to be a liberal bishop.Will be one to watch. It does show that the pope is the key to this crisis. Great Pope = emergence from crisis Evil Pope = submerging in the crisis P^3
" "The Marian shrine of Lourdes has been placed by the Vatican under the supervision of an apostolic delegate. Pope Francis withdrew the famous pilgrimage site from the local bishop who is 'too Catholic' [appointed by Benedict]; now one of the most progressives bishops in charge.""Check out @HicksonMaike’s Tweet:

Resistance Dream: Fr. Epiney (Ally of +Lefebvre): “Ecône is Changing”

I'm not going waste my time listening to the sermon to see if they've taken it out of context. I just want to point out a little issue with the following:
"What to think of all this? First of all, one is amazed: ... a conciliar bishop, a disciple of Benedict XVI and friend of Francis, is accepted in a Fraternity school in Wangs; and, on the other hand, Bishop Williamson, who was consecrated by Archbishop Lefebvre in 1988, is excluded from the Fraternity. Let's unpack a couple of things.

First, one other bishop retired to the SSPX ... Bishop Lazo. In addition,
Bishop John Bosco Manat Chuabsamai associated with the SSPX.  So if Bishop Huander wants to retire the SSPX what is the problem???  I guess it is called guilt by association.

Next, it is obvious why Bishop Williamson was expelled from the SSPX - gross insubordination.  If any member of a religious order is incapable of rendering the obedience required of them ... then they get expelled .... this isn&#…

The Crisis, Confusion, and Conciliar Church

+JMJ + I just noticed that Louie Verrechio is having difficulty both understanding how to navigate the crisis and the actions of the SSPX. 
First principle for survival is that you don't get to believe a particular belief because you want it to be true.
Second principle is that you cannot ignore the other teachings of the Catholic Church in order to believe what you want to believe. 
The Catholic Church is recognized by the four marks.
See this article for some clarity.
So don't be selfish and believe what you want to believe, but believe what is true, believe what the Church teaches without contradicting any of the Teachings. 
PS. When a post starts with +JMJ+, it was written using the mobile blogger app. Hence there will be formatting and spellcheck issues. ;-)

Regarding Dr. Lamont's article on Lifesite news

+ JMJ 
I was taught ... a long time ago ... that as a Catholic ... overthrowing a tyrant can be done ... but on one condition: That you have practical certainty that the state of the country afterwards will be better.
Applied to the situation of Pope Francis, who has the makings of a great tyrant, the principle holds.  What happens if only a part of the bishops find Pope Francis guilty of the crime of heresy?  The most probably outcome is schism - like the Western Schism. ... Once they declare Pope Francis deposed, they will elect a new 'Pope' ... and then ... as long as Pope Francis is alive ... there will be two claimants to the See of Peter.
Somehow, I don't think this will be an improvement.
Further comment on Dr. Lamont's recent article on LifeSiteNews from a reader of Tradicat:
I don't want to question the great knowledge of John Lamont.But ... Archbishop [Lefebvre] was a man of the Church.  He had a very profound "sensus ecclesiae" that he re…

Patrick Madrid and accepting reality

+JMJ +Patrick Madrid tweeted:"Let us assume good faith and take Pope Francis at his word that he knew nothing about McCarrick‘s double-life as a lecherous sexual predator..."How about we assume good faith and take Abp Vigano at his word?There is no middle ground either Abp Vigano or Pope Francis is breaking the eighth commandment.At this point it is obvious that only one deserves good faith and everyone needs to accept the reality.
It isn't heresy, just sinful behavior that should prevent Pope Francis' lifetime achievement canonization.P^3

A Solution to Pope Francis

+JMJ +What to do about Pope Francis?
He is simply the latest in a line of bad Popes.
Just because a Pope possessed personal holiness does not mean that he was a good Pope. How did they leave the Church when their pontificate ended? What was their legacy to the Church?That is how you judge a pontificate! Suffice to say that while the root of the crisis is far in the past, Pope Francis is definitely a problem that needs to be resolved.
A simple solution is for his pontificate to end.
The normal and very final way. So pray for the end of the crisis of the Catholic Church in first. Pray for the end of Pope Francis' pontificate by normal Catholic means.Pray for Pope Francis to die a holy death, to save his soul....As soon as possible. Of course you can and should also pray for his conversion! P^3

Joans Rome: MEDJUGORJE and Pope Francis' Latest

I wouldn't read too much into this as being an approval of the phenomenon happening at Medjugorje. 

However, it is yet another brick that makes up the facade of this crisis.

Still waiting for someone to start dismantling the facade.


Source: Joan's Rome

From Holy See Press Office:
“As announced jointly this morning by Msgr. Henryk Hoser, Apostolic Visitor of a special character for the parish of Medjugorje and from the Apostolic Nunciature in Sarajevo, the Holy Father ordered that it be possible to organize pilgrimages to Medjugorje.
This (to be done) always taking care to avoid that these pilgrimages are interpreted as an authentication of the known events, which still require an examination by the Church. It must therefore be avoided that such pilgrimages create confusion or ambiguity under the doctrinal aspect. This also concerns pastors of every order and degree who intend to go to Medjugorje and celebrate or co…

Is Pope Francis Happy?

+JMJ + Apparently Pope Francis is finding humour in the stream of allegations of heresy lobbed through his front door (metaphorically speaking). 
While he may put on his happy face for the press, I wonder if this is consistent with the attempts to locate Abp Vigano. There were reports that he was not pleased.
I also wonder if this response is consistent with his behavior when active in the Jesuit order. There may be a pattern that could be useful in predicting his response ( private and public) to certain stimuli.
I wonder if he will ever really lose it in public. 
:-D P^3

Our goal

+JMJ +
Just read this in the morning Imitation of Christ: "My Son, trust not thy feeling, for that which is now will be quickly changed into somewhat else. As long as thou livest thou art subject to change, howsoever unwilling; so that thou art found now joyful, now sad; now at peace, now disquieted; now devout, now indevout; now studious, now careless; now sad, now cheerful. But the wise man, and he who is truly learned in spirit, standeth above these changeable things, attentive not to what he may feel in himself, or from what quarter the wind may blow, but that the whole intent of his mind may carry him on to the due and much-desired end. For thus will he be able to remain one and the same and unshaken, the single eye of his desire being steadfastly fixed, through the manifold changes of the world, upon Me. " What is your real ultimate goal? 
Do you have really have one?

Fear and Anger

+JMJ + I was watching a great course video on conflict management and was struck by a statement made by the professor :
"In many cases men use anger to mask their fear."
This brought to mind the angry criticisms of born again traditional Catholics such as Michael Virus (oops spellcheck error thar was too funny to correct... Voris ) and Louie Verrechio.
I wonder if there is something they fear.
I once asked a modern Catholic what he was going to do about the happenings in his parish and his answer was telling :
"Well, I am not going to the SSPX "
I guess that he didn't know what to do.
My recurring conclusion is that if the SSPX is right in its approach to the crisis ... So much of what they thought to be Catholic isn't. Their entire perspective of reality risks being shredded in front of their eyes.
That would be simply terrifying.
Something to ponder when dealing with a person's angry response to a traditional Catholic.