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Vox Cantoris: Well, kiss my grits

New Name for Traditional Catholicism

A thought just occurred to me as I watched the attached link sent by a friend ... even though the video is non-SSPX ... I thought perhaps we need to ditch the label 'Traditional Catholicism' in exchange for what it really is: Catholicism.

I'm a Catholic, everyone else that attaches themselves to the errors that swirl within the Catholic Church are hyphenated Catholics - i.e. Modern-Catholics.  Better yet, perhaps they should just identify themselves by the original label given by Leo XIII: Liberal-Catholics

Frankly, I'd rather be Catholic ... as I have been since my baptism!


Return to Fatima: The Grace of the Present Moment


Something that we (Tradiate and myself) realized some time ago is that there is a danger of being immobilized by the fear of the future and regret (as opposed to remorse) of the past.

The present moment is the only time we have to work out our salvation.

Let's not waste it!


Source: Return to Fatima

The Grace of the Present MomentPosted on March 22, 2019 by evensong From Père de Caussade’s “Abandonment to Divine Providence, something lovely for today. My notes are in black italics.

The Will of God in the Present Moment The present moment is the ambassador of God to declare His mandates. The heart listens and pronounces its “fiat.” Thus the soul advances by all these things and flows out from its centre to its goal. It never stops but sails with every wind. Any and every direction leads equally to the shore of infinity. Everything is a help to it, and is, without exception, an instrument of sanctity. The one thing necessary can always be found for it in …

Rorate-Caeli: Bishop Schneider: On the question of a heretical pope


Rorate has published an article by Bishop Schneider which - in answer to their urging - I publish here in its entirety.


Source: Rorate-Caeli

Note: We urge everyone to reprint, post and share this important Op-Ed -- published first here at Rorate Caeli -- far and wide. And we urge you to keep reading beyond the "Read more" link as His Excellency lays out a plausible case for future binding canonical norms to address a "heretical or a manifestly heterodox pope":
By Bishop Athanasius Schneider Special to Rorate Caeli March 20, 2019 On the question of a heretical pope The issue of how to handle a heretical pope, in concrete terms, has not yet been treated in a manner which approaches anything like a true general consent in the entire Catholic tradition. So far, neither a pope nor an Ecumenical Council has made relevant doctrinal pronouncements nor have they issued binding canonical norms regarding the eventuality of how to handle a heretical pope during the te…

Pope Francis and other Christians


So, by now this should come as no surprise.

If one takes the happy slant on ecumenism in V2, there is only one real question?  If one can be equally saved through religions as opposed to just 'in spite' of them ... then why be Catholic at all?

In the U.S. a large number of former Catholics have taken the 'openness' to it's logical conclusion and abandoned a religion that has forgotten a key element: A religion without a hell isn't worth a damn.

Attached below are some excerpts from the Catholic Herald article.

Catholic Herald: Pope Francis siad that it's a sin to deny God has blessed other Christians ???

1. We should also acknowledge 'the value of the grace granted to other Christian communities,'  ...“It is easy to forget the fundamental equality existing among us: that once we were all slaves to sin, that the Lord saved us in baptism and called us his children,” ... equally saved through baptism. 2. “It is a grave sin,” he said, “to beli…

Pulling Out of the Death Spiral into MadTrad Madness

I know that RadTrad is being used for some 'good' purposes - but there is a point.

Can you be a violent, foaming at the mouth MadTrad who flies off the handles at anything that he THINKS smells like protestantism in a Catholic setting?

The answer is no.

If you can't control yourself and examine the situation in a rational manner using Catholic Teaching as a guide (as opposed to a whip) then ... you will fall.  If you have influence or authority on others, you will drag them down with you and ... you will be responsible.

So, as time allows (vacation ends tomorrow) I will try to pull together some thoughts on how to break out of the MadTrad death spiral.


Wisdom of Pope Pius XII

Rorate has a post that needs to be reposted ... many times!!!

Now, it is well known what the totalitarian and anti-religious State requires and expects from her [the Church] as the price for her tolerance and her problematic recognition. That is, it would desire:
a Church which remains silent, when she should speak out;a Church which weakens the law of God, adapting it to the taste of human desires, when she should loudly proclaim and defend it; a Church which detaches herself from the unwavering foundation upon which Christ built her, in order to repose comfortably on the shifting sands of the opinions of the day or to give herself up to the passing current; a Church which does not withstand the oppression of conscience and does not protect the legitimate rights and the just liberties of the people; a Church which, with indecorous servility, remains enclosed within the four walls of the temple, which forgets the divine mandate received from Christ: Go forth to the street …

Differences are important

Differences are what allow us to distinguish between different elements.  Colour, size, shape, posture, body language, words, concepts ... the list goes on.

If it were not for differences, we couldn't tell between good and bad, man and woman, etc.

We also couldn't tell the difference between truth and falsehood.

The Remnant has posted a couple of articles on Cultural factor of the crisis of the Catholic Church ... and as I've identified in my cultural series cultural differences between Modern and Traditional Catholics is how the changes in the Church have been manifested.

From the liturgy, postures, and most importantly attitude - most Modern Catholics can no longer distinguish between the 'artifacts' of Catholicism, Protestantism, Hinduism and other religions.

This reprogramming of the Catholic psyche makes it very difficult for them to remain rational when confronted with Catholic Dogmas.  When faced with Catholic Truth, in my experience, they get defensi…


+JMJ+It is funny that I've seen discussions about alien life and ufo's on traditional Catholic forae.What I to discuss is the suppression of thought about the fallen angels.It seems that in their great desire to affirm that all are saved, modern Catholics make all kinds of excuses, sometimes even to the point of heresy.I have heard them try to use the words of Vatican 2 to affirm this error. The only problem is that, believe it or not, V2 actually reaffirms the teaching of Pius V.But more than this, there is either a blindness or ignorance of the fact that we are not alone. There are angels, good and bad. The bad angels harbour a malice against us and want to drag us all down to hell.I don't think that they would rest and leave anyone alone, baptized or not.That is the situation, the reality I'm which we labour. They are fools who ignore it at their peril. P^3

What is vital a considered and measured response

+JMJ +What is vital to thriving during this time of crisis is attaining and retaining and good perspective. As I have written before, without perspective we can easily get snagged in a number of different pitfalls. How do you develop a good perspective? I have already discussed study and spiritual life, as well as prayer.Also gratitude. Now I think it is a good idea to think about pace of life. I recently made a step in the right direction on this issue. By pace of life I mean taking the time to ponder things at a deeper level, prior to reacting based on the surface elements. How? The example I have comes from my work life. I have a co-worker (person x) who is very ambitious. We also have very different communication styles that compounded to create a difficult working situation. Over the past couple of years I have been trying to figure out how to work with them.Recently I had to cover for both my colleagues while they were on vacation. On returning,  x cc'd me on an email to a s…

Louie Verrechio and the Crisis

+JMJ +Louie posted an article titled : Did the SSPX wake up, or just offer empty words?The answer is simple, the sspx has not been asleep, they simply know that it is outside of the scope of supplied jurisdiction to issue a correction to a reigning pontiff. This is something that Louie does not seem to have understood in his interactions with them.If you are looking for a solution to the crisis, then you have to look for a Catholic solution. One that does not require you to contravene the Catholic doctrines that trads claim to support. Makes sense eh?P^3