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A survey

+JMJ+Rorate has just posted an article on the results of a survey on the opinions of traditional Catholics vs modern Catholics.The results are not in the least bit surprising! On questions about basic beliefs and attitudes traditional Catholics are resoundingly Catholic.This is not surprising, and but it does lend credence to the thought that the path to the recovery of the Catholic Church in this crisis doesn't pass through the Modern or conservative Catholics, but through the Traditional Catholics! P^3

Differences and Pope Francis

JMJThe sspx perspective on the document signed by the pope.é-superior-general-society-saint-pius-x-true-fraternity-45364P^3PS. While the "resistance" claims that the sspx has departed from "the path of Archbishop Lefevre ", I have to ask once again how?  I further have to ask, how can someone reject the doctrine of the Catholic Church (as do the "resistance ") and make the claim that they are carrying on his work?

The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary - A Model for the Crisis of the Church

One advantage of having a 50km+ commute to work is that I have time almost 2hrs to say my rosary and think.

This past week I started thinking about parallels between the Sorrowful Mysteries and this Crisis.

The parallels that I drew stem from the thought that the Mystical Body of Christ (i.e. the Catholic Church) emulates the path of Her Spouse - Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sorrowful Mystery - Parallels to the Crisis
Agony In the GardenOur Lord foresaw the future of His Church, sweat blood and was betrayed by one of his own bishops.The pre-conciliar Pope saw the crisis coming, suffered and were finally betrayed by their bishops.Scourging at the Pillar Our Lord underwent this suffering for the sins of impurity.Post council indiscipline and sins of impurity became rampant. The extent of it is only recently percolating to the surface.Crowning with ThornsOur Lord underwent this humiliation to teach us humility.The Church has been undergoing significant humiliations at the hands of its Po…

Commonweal - Perspective of Reality


The Commonweal has an interesting (albeit warped) article that gets a few things right and ... a bunch of things wrong.
effort at reconciliation with Catholic traditionalists who had broken with the church after the Second Vatican Council. Wrong: It was not an 'effort at reconciliation' it was a condition for discussions.  The 'broken' from the Church is a little old.  A person cannot be condemned for a law that comes into being after the fact. If it was an act of schism to consecrate a bishop without pontifical mandate, then it would have been in the canonical warning that was received shortly before the consecrations.  So ... the schismatic act is a fantasy.  No schismatic act, no schism. It is (thankfully) that simple.
Benedict’s 2007 motu proprio on the liturgy, which relaxed restrictions on the use of the Tridentine rite Wrong: What he did was acknowledge that it was NEVER abrogated and always legal.

Despite criticizing those obsessed with liturgy Wrong and…

When is a Man a Man? When he is a man of virtue!

There's been a lot of chatter about the Gillette commercial and now a 'response' by Egard Watches.

From my perspective, both adds miss the real point about what the Best Men Can Be!

In the Gillette film we see a group of men watching a couple of boy fight ... while the men chant the mantra of 'Boys will be boys'.  We later see men intervening in various situations, such as when boys are bullying another boy. We also see boys watching popular entertainment in which immodesty is rampant etc.

The Egard response says responds by seeing the good in men.

So ... what have they missed?

Well, following a Catholic moral perspective (ie Truth): A human male becomes a 'man' by practicing virtue.  Denying himself, picking up his cross and (even when surrounded by a corrupt environment) following Our Lord Jesus Christ.

The episodes shown on the Gillette video are a mixed bag and all miss the point.

The films that Gillette showed with boys and men ogling women are …

Bishop Williamson - Latest News

I periodically do a Google Search for anything related to the SSPX in the last 24hrs.

Today a piece from the Catholic Herald popped up (link here). It appears that Bishop Williamson's appeal for his conviction of breaking a German law concerning denial of the holocaust (ie systematic murder of Jews in various concentration camps).

Here's the key phrase:
The European Court of Human Rights ruled that Bishop Richard Williamson knew he was breaking German law by denying the scale of the Holocaust This was obvious since, in the same recording, he makes it clear that he knew the law and the consequences of speaking his mind while in Germany.

The rest of the article goes on to highlight some key points:

Williamson holds the unique distinction of having been excommunicated by the Church twice. He was first excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1988, following his illicit consecration as a bishop by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre in Écône, Switzerland against the …