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Meaning of Catholic: Why The Term "Extraordinary Form" is Wrong

I have often thought of the Novus Ordo as 'the' extraordinary form of the Mass.  Extraoridinarily banal and bad. 

I came across this article Meaning of Catholic: Term ExtraOrdinary Form is Wrong by a Timothy Flanders and thought I would highlight some of the key insights.

The whole article is worthy of a careful read ... amongst many points that will be familiar to veteran Traditional Catholics, there are some new points - particularly the deceiving of Pope Paul VI.


Another and more salient point is the New Mass’ form of origin. Ratzinger famously censured the New Mass as a “banal fabrication” (French preface to Gamber’s Reform of the Roman Liturgy). The New Mass is the most extraordinary form because it was created by a committee of Catholics and Protestants, whose head famously deceived the pope to implement his own agenda. Even worse, the Pope admitted that he did not even review significant liturgical changes that he approved trusting in these “experts” who…

New Mass vs Traditional Mass

Since I'm on the topic of the New Mass ... P^3

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The Traditional Mass vs. the New Mass
A criticism of the "New Rite" cannot be a criticism of the Mass in itself, for this is the very sacrifice of Our Lord bequeathed to His Church, but it is an examination, whether it is a fit rite for embodying and enacting this august Sacrifice.
It is difficult for those who have known nothing other than the New Mass to understand of what they have been deprived, and attending a "Latin Mass" often just seems alien. to see clearly what it is all about, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of wht the Church teaches about the Mass. Only in the light of these can the "new rite" of Mass be evaluated.

The Traditional Mass The New Mass 2,000 years of venerable usageTried and true Fabricatedd in 1969Experimental Clearly a sacrificeAn altar, a priest Clearly a mealA table Centred on GodStructured for reverence Centred on man Loose s…

Must Catholics attend the New Mass?

More on whether or not you need to attend the New Mass.


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Must Catholics attend the New Mass?

The SSPX's position on the protestantized New Mass is explained, thus demonstrating that according to the Church's teaching, Catholics are not obliged to attend the Novus Ordo as it puts the faith in danger.

This excerpt from the May 2007 SiSiNoNo features a letter of critique from a priest to the editor about the SSPX's position on the New Mass. Within this letter, the priest cites a misrepresentation of the Society's stance while simultaneously affirming that Catholics are bound to attend the Novus Ordo even though it has been "protestantized".
The editor replied in the May 2007 issue clarifying the SSPX's position while citing the Church's teaching about the Sunday Obligation and how the New Mass poses a danger to the faith of Catholics, thus needs to be avoided.
Must We Attend A “Protestantized” Mass? A letter of in…

Bishop Schneider and 'Restore DC Catholicism'


I was going through the thread on Restore DC Catholicism and found the reference to bishop schneider:
Looks like Bishop Athanasius Schneider will have to join that SSPX priest in going to confession - he says essentially the same thing in the Life Site video below, even acknowledging a valid consecration: Time mark 35:40
Non-Trad "Conservatives" always seem to reserve their fire for the SSPX, as if they are the "real problem" in the Church today...
The blogger's response was: Whatever, it was regrettable.

Frankly, the blogger's response is regrettable. 

First, they continue to mislabel the alleged offense as being against the Third Commandment of the Decalogue, when it is the first precept of the Catholic Church.  This is actually an important distinction because there are a number of ways in which one can keep holy the sabbath. 

Second, instead of answering the questions the blogger simply…

Should Catholics attend the New Mass?

More on what the SSPX says about attending the New Mass

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Should Catholics attend the New Mass? Ep. 14.1 A frequent question amongst Catholics today is whether they should attend the New Mass and if this is required to fulfill one's Sunday Obligation. We will examine this topic in Episode 14.1 of our FAQ video series.
This is an important question considering the problems of the Novus Ordo Missae as explained in our previous FAQ video, Episode 7. But to understand the answer, we must first understand the nature of the Sunday Obligation because this is the basis for the inquiry.
Catholics know that one of the Ten Commandments is to "keep holy the Lord's day". The catechism further teaches that the Church's Sunday Precept helps us to fulfill God's commandment by attending Mass on Sunday (and Holy Days) and abstaining from servile work—and she obliges Catholics of these obligations under the pain of mortal sin.
But it mus…

Tradical Commentary on: Restore DC Catholicism: SSPX And Austrilian Bishops - Two Different Errors


An interesting thing has happened on the discussion that prompted my article on whether it is sinful to attend the Novus Ordo Missae.  The blog owner of RDCC has shut down discussion by locking the article.

That is their prerogative, but I am puzzled as to why? Perhaps it has something to do with some of the latter comments.

They didn't believe the teaching on intention with regards to confecting the Sacraments.  This is not the first time I've experienced incredulity on this topic (reference articles). Really this isn't about what they believe but the truth.They seem to believe that the objections to the Novus Ordo Missae are simply about "overly delicate sensibilities".  In response to this I am reblogging a number of articles by the SSPX.Perhaps it was the comment made by Bishop Schneider, a currently well revered hero (who deserved the accolades) but apparently has said something similar to the SSPX.   I suspect that it is more about Bishop Schneider…

Is it sinful to attend the Novus Ordo (New Mass) - Is it Sinful to Not Attend the Novus Ordo on Sunday?

A non-SSPX Catholic is upset over the SSPX statements on not attending the Novus Ordo Missae.

Ladies and gentlemen, what the SSPX, or at least its website editor, is advocating is a mortal sin against the Third Commandment.  Unless the priest deviates from the language of the Sacramentary, the consecration, and thus the rest of Mass is to be considered valid.  No one may elect not to attend Mass simply because abuses are occurring therein.  Might I suggest that such absenteeism is its own abuse?  The Third Commandment binds under mortal sin.  Father So-And-So from the SSPX has no authority whatsoever to excuse attendance at Mass, be that Mass ever so unpalatable.Source:Restore DC Catholicism
Well, this is interesting.

First why does the SSPX issue this statement? Because it is sinful to put your faith in danger by attending a protestant service.  It is likewise dangerous to put your faith in danger by attending a protestantized mass (ie the Novus Ordo Missae abbreviates…

Australia: Seal of the Confessional Outlawed at the Federal Level


This is simply another step in the attack on the Catholic Church. Interestingly, California's attempt to do the same failed.

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Australia: Seal of the Confessional Outlawed at the Federal Level December 19, 2019 Source:
On December 2, 2019, the Australian Conference of Bishops (ACBC) denounced the agreement between the Attorneys General of each state and the Australian federal government, with the aim of standardizing the laws imposing on priests the obligation to denounce any alleged fact of ill-treatment of minors that would be learned in the context of the sacrament of penance.
“Counterproductive and unjust” are the terms with which Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Archbishop of Brisbane and President of the ACBC, denounced the new prejudicial legal norms on the sacramental seal of the confessional in Australia.
The attorneys general and the federal government have in fact agreed on a common lega…

The Gullible Theme - Part 3: Examining the Calgary SSPX School Policy - Context

Context The SSPX School in Calgary (St. John Bosco Private School) has been in operation in various forms for around 20 years.  I am aware that the school has, like many Traditional Catholic schools, faced challenges - such as how to pay for professional teachers and navigate the Albertan education system at the same time.

With a long history of conservative governments there was little to fear from accepting government funding for the school. 

However, that changed dramatically in 2015 when an NDP government was elected (Wikipedia).

Just a quick refreshers on Catholic Doctrine on this point: Lawful Governments, even those elected by the governed, receive their authority from God.  It would be the height of liberalism to believe that, just because they pass illegitimate laws we can disregard the laws of the land.  That would lead to anarchy.  Government ministers are our superiors and their laws need to be assessed with the same principles as religious superiors.

 In other word…