Principles and the SSPX Part 1


I strongly suspect that the FUD weavers are working in full force now that Bishop Fellay is no longer the superior of the SSPX.

For example here's a couple of headlines from Rorate:

Le Figaro on SSPX election: "Fellay toppled", "Side opposed to deal with Rome now in charge." 

 ... and figaro's title:

Lefebvrists: Bishop Fellay is toppled, Father Davide Pagliarani becomes new Superior-General

... I know that sensationalism sells newspapers, but it still doesn't give them mind reading abilities.

I'm also a little disappointed in Rorate's desire to see (I assume) the way the winds are blowing by posting an old interview by Fr. Pagliarani.

Meet the New Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X: Davide Pagliarani

 Let's be clear about something: Very few humans have ever been able to read hearts.  

On the side of the 'resistance' we have thoughts such as:

What we have is neo-SSPX window dressing.  A new face, with no power.  

The Menzingen brotherhood have their face-man, but will still run the show, especially negotiations with newChurch (cathinfo)
Frankly, this was predictable.

The 'resistance' wanted Bishop Fellay 'overthrown' and now they spin webs of conspiracy theories that Bishop Fellay really is in charge still. 

They must really be afraid of Bishop Fellay.

So afraid that they turn to Bishop Williamson who spews for garbage like this:
            In 2018 the official Church, visible in Rome and all over the world, is still Conciliar, and therefore virtually schismatic and virtually excommunicated.  Yet this is the Newchurch into which Bishop Fellay has for 20 years been trying with his liberal colleagues at the top of the Society, to  make the Society re-enter.  But occupying a nightingale’s nest does not turn cuckoos into nightingales.  Bishop Fellay and his colleagues are turning the Archbishop’s Society of Catholic nightingales into their own Newsociety of liberal cuckoos.
 This isn't even his normal FUD, it is simply messed up thinking that abandons Catholic Doctrine.

To Bishop Williamson, the scattered and divided resistance I have this to say:

Suck it up Buttercup!

Simply put, the Pope, Cardinals and Bishops are largely in error (and heresy) but until they are officially removed from their positions by an authority (read: NOT Bishop Williamson et al) they still have that authority.  

Short version: If they issue a legitmate command (hey it could happen), then it is sinful to disobey.

Catholic Principles are sometimes hard to live by, but abandoning them to 'solve' a problem is simply wrong.  In the case of many of them (Modernists, Sedevacantists, 'Resistors') the ends have become the means.  

No matter what changes are made, they will continue on their wide path to perdition.  

Chosing something that goes against Catholic Principles, Doctrine and Dogma simply is wrong.

The Modernists are wrong when they do it.

The 'resistance' are wrong when they do it.

Even the SSPX would be wrong if they did it.

So pray that they continue to abide by and be guided by Catholic Principles.



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