Principles and the SSPX Part 2


Now there is a danger in abiding by Catholic Principles, Doctrine, and Dogma.

Persons with bad intentions could, in theory, trap you.


Because they know what guides your decisions and generally how you will react.

So, the danger for the SSPX is in the following scenario:
  1. Pope issues a command that Fr. Pagliarani accept a Canonical regularization with no compromises on their part.
  2. Pope issues a decree that the SSPX and the rest of the Catholic Church must accept the Teachings of the Second Vatican Council as the SSPX has always stated:
    1. Those teachings that are Traditional - Accept (yes there are statements that are completely traditional)
    2. Those teachings that are Ambiguous - Accept with the Traditional understanding and in alignment with previous Catholic Teaching
    3. Those teachings that Contradict Prior Teaching - Require they be corrected.
  3. Pope begins correcting those items under #3. (Despite various persecutions that would follow)
  4. Pope issues a decree that the SSPX and the rest of the Catholic Church do not have to accept the Novus Ordo Missae and that any priest, without the approval of their bishop, can say the Tridentine Mass.  If they are persecuted by their bishops, they are to attach themselves to the SSPX.
  5. After careful examination, the regularization provides all the safeguard necessary for the SSPX to exist and continue to help the Church recover from this crisis.
  6. For the fun of it, let's say the structure creates an amalgamation of all Traditional Orders and Congregations under the SSPX.  Yes, that was discussed in the early 2000s.
This would be completely a legitimate command and if they continue to adhere to Catholic Principles, the SSPX would be obligated to obey, submit etc.

This is how Rome would have to trap the SSPX.

Rome would have to capitulate.

In reality they would not be capitulating to the SSPX, but to Catholic Principles, Doctrine and Dogmas.

They would lose everything that they have worked for (Neo-Modernism, Ecumenism, Priestesses, Communion for Adulterers etc) to gain the submission of the SSPX.

In short, Rome would have to give up.

Looking forward to this scenario playing out in reality!



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