Dangers of Latching onto Heroes instead of Principles


Here's the pattern:
  1. Knowledgeable person discovers Traditional Catholicism,
  2. They say the 'right' things affirming Traditional Catholic beliefs,
  3. Traditional Catholics latch onto this 'Traditional Catholic Personality',
  4. 'Traditional Catholic Personality' deviates in some way,
  5. Traditional Catholics have a variety of responses to the 'deviation'.
Point 5 is where things get interesting in the 'variety' of responses. If the Traditional Catholics don't have a firm basis in their spiritual life and understanding of Catholic Principles - they will be lead by the nose wherever the personality goes.

Examples of this are legion in the history of Traditional Catholicism.

To name a couple we have:
  • Gerry Matatix,
  • Michael Voris.
Gerry Matatix made a rainbow transition from protestant to sedevacantist.

Michael Voris made a transition from fallen away Catholic to staunch protector of irrationality. Case in point is his policies to:
  1. Not criticise the Pope under any circumstances (absurd with Pope Francis).
  2. The SSPX must be in schism because PSJP2 said so (even though the 'schismatic act' was ficticious).
I understand that it is nice to have your point of view affirmed by someone outside the 'club'.  Which is why Traditional Catholics will hang on every word uttered by 'conservative' (Read: Cardinal Burke) and 'Traditional' prelates (Read: Bishop Schneider).

But what if they make a misstep?

Are they worth following because of a sentimental attachment?

The answer is no.  If a person deviates from Catholic Principles, the path they are following does not lead to God and Heaven, it leads to the Devil and Hell.

So what's the lesson?

Don't get attached to 'personalities', get attached to Catholic Principles and then follow them.

If some Catholic Personality, happens to acting along the same lines, then they're in good company.



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