Matter of Life and Death - Cardinal Woelki


While I am happy that the situation in the Catholic Church is finally (thanks in no small part to Pope Francis) reaching a point where some prelates are reacting ... one thought keeps on popping into mind mind:  A little late don't you think?

Did it really have to come to this.  

The answer is no, this is only the latest episode in the crisis and the principles that drove the neo-modernists have brought us to this point. 

There area  few other points left as well:
  1. Birth control (so called) - abortion etc
  2. Priestesses
  3. ... I'm certain there's something else but I can't recall ...
 So, the next thoughts that come to mind are:
  1. Look at the principles that have brought us to this point!  
    1. If the Catholic Church isn't the Church of Christ and merely subsists within it ... then ... what's the problem with giving communion to protestants?
    2. The principles embedded in the council are the problem!
  2. Act on Catholic principles and do your duty of state!


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