1P5: The 2019 Pan-Amazon Synod and Catholic Priestesses


The Pope and Bishops are still hell bent on razing to the ground the doctrines of the Catholic Church.

Ok, I know it's of no surprise.

One Peter Five has published an article by Maike Hickson outlining some of the key elements of the prepatory document.

One spot that caught my eye was this:
According to this Austrian bishop, Pope Francis would even be open to ordaining women to the priesthood. Kräutler says that “I do not believe that he would say a strict ‘no’ to the ordination of women, a quod non.” ... Here, the bishop mentions as an example how the Church changed her positions with regard to the topic of separation of Church and state, as well as to the topic of democracy. He also mentions Vatican II’s text Dignitatis Humanae, “which did away for good with” the Syllabus of Errors of Pius IX, especially with regard to religious liberty. Source: 1P5
 So as foretold, the Pope is going to push for priestesses.

This will be interesting and yet, for tCatholics (ie Traditional Catholics) changes nothing. 

For ntCatholics (non-Traditional Catholics) it will change everything - yet again.

Pray for the ntCatholics, this trial is not likely to end soon.



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