Pope Francis - Please stop leading us into temptation!


Pope Francis continually seems to be leading people (even non-Catholics) into temptation.

As I mentioned in my post on The Sixth Petition (Lead us not into temptation), the Sixth Petition of the Our Father has a specific meaning. Instead of explaining the meaning, he wants to change the translation.

The German bishops want to take Amoris Laetitia another step further and give communion to non-Catholics (I think they should start with Confession and then adjuration) who happen to be married to Catholics. The article from the National Catholic Register puts it well:

After the meeting, the Holy See Press Office published a statement in Italian and German. The statement explains that “Pope Francis appreciates the ecumenical commitment of the German bishops and asks them to find, in a spirit of ecclesial communion, a result as unanimously as possible.” In other words, he refuses to resolve this disciplinary issue that is oh-so-closely connected to doctrine.
The creation of a mess and then the refusal to clean up said mess is a pattern with this Pope.

But ... we need to thank Pope Francis.

wait for it ...

He is doing us a favour!

Yep, when the Church survives such an awful leader, we have yet again proof that the Catholic Church is of Divine Origin, because a simple human organization would never survive such crappy leadership!

So the next time a ntCatholic complains about Pope Francis, change the topic to thanking him for proving that the Catholic Church is of Divine origin ... and for proving that the SSPX was right.



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