A Glimmer of Sanity in a World Gone Mad: Jordan Peterson


In these days of rabid insanity, like a person drowning, we'll grasp at anything.  Even someone who is not Catholic but at least is thinking straight!

Jordan Peterson is one such individual. 

He is making sense, because it is aligned with Catholic doctrine. 

Eventually, he will either become Catholic or stop making sense.

In the interim, it is nice to hear someone acting rationally.



  1. I'm surprised you call Peterson someone who's aligned with Catholic Doctrine considering he's a classic English liberal for the supremacy of the individual (something you condemned a few posts ago).

    This is coming from a Traditional Catholic that's a big fan of his work because of how sensible it is, and yet can't see how it can actually merge with Catholic Social Doctrine.

    What's your take on it?

    1. I guess I should have been more specific.

      Dr. Peterson's alignment is that he has realized that humans (young men in particular) need a purpose. Without that purpose they will rationally arrive at the conclusion that there is nothing of worth in this life. ... then they despair.

      Purpose is fundamental to Catholicism .

      The question these young men are asking is: What is the meaning (purpose) of life?

      Catholics used to learn this answer: To know, love and serve God in this life and to be happy with Him in the next!

      He kind-of captures it in this statement:

      “Life can make you that way unless you have a purpose and a destiny,” he told Carlson. “There’s no shortage of suffering and malevolence in life, and it’s easy for people to become embittered by that. And if they don’t see a way forward, they get angry about it and turn against life itself.”

      If I remember correctly Dr. Peterson noted that Catholicism provides these answers.

      It's pretty fundamental, but I understand that he is studying Catholicism. We can pray that he overcomes any mental barriers to arriving at the truth.

      I hope this answers your question.


    2. Sure does answer my question: I was just pushing the discussion. I`d love to see more Traditional Catholics thinkers and theologians address this rising figure, and I really dig this kind of conversation. I`ve seen a few, but most don't go beyond "He`s a heretic".

      I think it`s hilarious that there`s a community of "christian atheists" that gathered around him. lolz


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