St. Anthony of Padua - The Wonder Worker


My family has a long history of devotion to St. Anthony (aka St Antoine) and some friends  suggested that I relate a first-hand experience with St Anthony's efficacy in finding lost objects.

I have a pair of winter mitts that I received as a hand-me-down when I was a child.  Meaning - these things are 40+ years old. I have also treasured these mitts as they've kept my hands warm on many a cold Canadian winter day!

One winter day, as I was placing the kids in their car seats, I placed my mitts on the roof of my van.

... and forgot they were there and drove off.

I wasn't until I returned home after driving for 20 minutes that I realized my loss.

I returned a couple of days later and went to Mass. After Mass I prayed for St. Anthony's help and, in spite of my wife's doubts, began retracing the path I drove a couple of days earlier.

 We drove about a kilometer, turning from the side street upon which our SSPX church was located, onto a main thoroughfare.  About 300 feet after turning I saw my mitt. Actually, what I believed to be a mitt.  My wife only saw clumps of dirty snow.

I put the van in park and slapped on the hazards.

I walked up to the 'clump' of snow and picked up one of my mitts!

The look on my wife's face was ... needless to say ... priceless.

When she recovered from the shock she said, so that's fine, but what good is one mitten?

A couple of days later, when talking with a friend after mass about finding my mitt he said "I found a nice mitt, the other day, and produced my other mitt from his pocket.

As I walked triumphantly waving my mitt in the air, my wife exclaimed: Who picks up a single mitt???

So - don't underestimate the power of this friend of God!



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