The Position of the SSPX on Canonizations by the Saint Factory


I have sometimes been criticized for including 'St' as a title for Pope John Paul II et al.

I've given my reasons here in a discussion with Alex Long. The question is one of prudence in discussions with ntCatholics and in some cases with tCatholics.

In discussions with:

  •  ntCatholics, I will use the title in order to continue the discussion and help them arrive at a realistic understanding of the crisis of the Church.
  • tCatholics, I will use the title in order to broaden their perspective on the doctrine of dogmatic facts. This broader perspective is, in my opinion, essential maintaining a realistic understanding of the crisis of the Church.

So from a doctrinal position, I have written the article Dogmatic Fact of Fancy and includes a reference on canonizations.

Now, I know the position of the SSPX is that the canonizations are doubtful (see references below) and I also know of at least one non-SSPX theologian who agrees with the level of doubt due to the changes in the process.

So I'll restate my opinion:
If Pope John Paul II is in Heaven, which following the doctrine of dogmatic facts I have reason for doing so, then it is not because of his pontificate (which even Rome acknowledged ... wish I could find that reference), but because of his suffering from illness in the twilight years of his pontificate.
The final word on this will be given by the Catholic Church at some point in time ... as this is just a mess. I do find it ironic that Pope Francis states that Holy Communion is not a reward for the good and yet he proceeds to canonize Pope's as a reward for their progress in changing the Church. Hmmmm...

Anyway,  the publication of Fr. Robinson's book "The Realist Guide to Religion and Science" has become the occasion for a reinforcement of the SSPX's position on the post conciliar canonizations.
In the foreword, Fr Haffner makes reference to the support of the Conciliar Popes for realism. In doing so, he assigns to Pope Paul VI and Pope John Paul II the titles of ‘Blessed’ and ‘Saint’ respectively. As Fr Robinson was not provided an opportunity to read the foreword before the publication of his book, he was not able to express his adherence to the position of the Society of St Pius X (SSPX) on the doubtful nature of the canonizations, because of the many changes in the canonization process. In addition, he was not able to reiterate the particular concerns about the canonization of Pope John Paul II that he expressed in his Nov./Dec. 2013 Angelus article ‘The Difference between a “Saint” and a “Saint”’.
Thus, the appearance of ‘Blessed’ and ‘Saint’ beside Paul VI and John Paul II in the foreword of The Realist Guide should in no way be construed as an acceptance by Fr Robinson of the modern canonizations or a deviation from his publicly expressed opinions on that subject or the position of the SSPX. Nor should the foreword be construed as implying that Fr Robinson believes that the Conciliar Popes have been realist in their philosophical outlook. SSPX Note on Foreword
Quick note: The SSPX doesn't reject the canonizations, they consider them doubtful, and with good reason.  This is an important distinction to make until the Theologians and Catholic Church sort out this mess ... and frankly I would put the canonizations near the bottom of the heap of issues that need to be addressed!


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