Becoming Traditional Catholic Part V - Staying Traditional Catholic


My post about seeing things as they are has drawn a fair amount of attention.

A quick recap:


  1. Outlined the isolation of Traditional Catholics
  2. Most non-cradle Traditional Catholics experienced an transitional moment when they realize that they've been tricked / lied to most of their Catholic lives by Popes, Bishops, Priests, Brothers, Nuns and other Catholics.
  3. Seeing things as they are.  For example: The Catholic Charismatic movement is anything but (ie it is really a protestant hook that the naive Catholics have inhaled).  Communion in the Hand (as practiced now - not as practiced in some placed early in the life of the Church) is protestant.  That removing the Filioque from the Creed is Schismatic. ... the list goes on.
  4. How to help distinguish the Protestant / Schismatic elements that permeate the 'Modern' Catholic Church from the vestiges of Catholicism. - Study!
Now the question is how, once one has found Traditional Catholicism, to remain a tCatholic?

There's a lot of crazy out there and it is important to not let it into your head.  

For example:
  1. Resistance
  2. Sedevacantists
  3. Schismatics
So ... how do you keep these simple items out of your head?

Have a strong spiritual life that is coupled with studying the Faith.

If you don't have a strong spiritual life that you actively seek to foster, you are easy prey for the demons.  

A spiritual life provides you with depth perspective on ... basically everything.  With only book learning, you won't be able to understand what you read and place it into the context of the crisis of the Church.

A spiritual life will also provide you with colour on the issues at hand.  For example, we have the latest canonization fever and Pope Francis' latest utterings or mutterings.  

How does one ground on the truths of the Faith stand with a strong spritual life in the face of such destruction?


That's it, a strong spiritual life will keep you from becoming bitter from all the insults uttered by the Pope and even by faithful Catholics.  Trust me, as a Traditional Catholic you will receive insults for believing what the Catholic Church STILL believes. Not one jot or tittle has been changed.

So, stand tall.



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