Lenten Meditation - Lasting Fruit


I have been following the lenten meditations sent out by the SSPX.  

Today's is on lasting fruit.

When we look at the 'work' we do ... and I mean the work of one's life, everything we do - are we creating lasting fruit?  Fruit that will live and make a lasting impression on the world?

Perhaps if put in this light, we may be a little more judicious in what we select to 'work' on.



To live a fruitful life, a life that will be useful not only to oneself but to one’s fellow men as well, is the dream of all whose hearts are not bereft of all nobility. To ease the way a bit for one who travels by my side, to make myself a strong support that he may lean upon, to cheer the hours when the clouds of sadness settle darkly round his soul, a blessed thing, indeed, is this, and all of us should look upon such acts not only as a duty but as a precious privilege.
But there is something grander still held out by Jesus as the high ambition of His chosen followers. “I have chosen you . . . that you should bring forth fruit and that your fruit should remain.”
“That your fruit should remain!” If it be a blessed thing to do a passing deed of kindness, to brighten another’s dreary life, to save a soul from just a single sin, to awaken even for a moment a spark of God’s love within a breast that long has lost the art of loving, if this be blessed, what, then, shall we say of him whose worthy deeds last not only for a moment but outlive the life of him who does them? What shall we say of him whose life is such a noble thing, whose every word and work is of such sterling quality that men shall linger over them in memory when their author has departed for a better world, and on that memory grow unto similar greatness?
A noble ambition, indeed, to live a holy life so that future generations shall find in it an inspiration to rise to higher things.
Is it thus that I am living?


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