Becoming Traditional Catholic - Part IV Knowing The Catholic Truth


In my previous post, I discussed seeing things for what they are ... including the actions of Pope's.

I know this is a hard pill to swallow, but it is necessary to have an objective measure by which to assess the actions of the Pope - even without a PhD in Theology and Philosophy.

The objective measure is the Teaching of the Catholic Church.

Hence, it is important to study to know your Faith.

For undiluted instruction I recommend Catechism of the Council of Trent and Catechism Explained.

This would serve as a foundation for understanding not only the crisis, but also recognizing error when it appears in front of you!

Having said this I have two counsels to give:

  • When something you see or hear 'feels' wrong and / or heretical, don't react right away. 
    • Do some research to make certain.  The biggest problem in the last 50+ years, has been Popes that speak out of both sides of their mouthes.  One moment they speak as a 'Catholic', the next they speak as a 'Protestant'.  
    • Remember, it is very rare to find a person who is wholly white or black (good / bad).  Most people are speckled.
  • Keep up your spiritual reading!
    • In this case, I strongly recommend going to classical pre-conciliar sources.  
    • These will help you to define and refine your sense of the Faith and grow in holiness (i.e. closer to God).
After that, I recommend some key writings of the SSPX.

Here's the first chapter of the Open Letter from the Angelus' soundcloud:

So - keep the faith, pray, be patient and persevere!



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