The Silly Bus of Errors - The Remnant


Keeping a sense of humour and being truly grateful is important to thriving in this crisis.  These editorial cartoons are absolutely fabulous in that they say the truth in a lite tone!!!

Just remember the sillybus of errors!

... and don't forget that Pope Francis is as much a victim as a perpetrator.


Courtesy of the Remnant

In the interest of fairness, let’s not lose sight of the conciliar context of the present debacle in Rome. This Remnant cartoon is from 2004.  It requires no explanatory notations.

It may be hard for some to believe –especially young recruits to the burgeoning, worldwide traditional Catholic movement—but the present crisis had plenty of life before Francis.

Francis was a long time coming, in fact. Let’s be honest and let’s never forget it. The war for Catholic restoration will not end with the passing of Francis.   Still, Dear Lord, please be merciful to our Holy Father, Pope Francis, and call him home soon to his eternal reward.


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