Ou Sont Nous???


What appears to be a resistance article has been posted citing an article written in 2003 by Father Pfluger.

I would like to highlight a key point that the author appears to have missed (see quoted paragraph below my sig).

A premature accord (canonical regularization) is one that doesn't address the issues / causes of the crisis.  What is the simplest expression of the causes of the crisis?  The mantra.

Simply speaking, if the Pope were to issue an order for the SSPX to accept a canonical solution that truly 'accepted us as we are ", then is it not a purely practical agreement.

This would be a doctrinal agreement that the SSPX can hold its positions on the Second Vatican Council and the New Mass ... and be canonically regular.

That is the key point that the 'resistance' misses in its narrow perspective.

If Rome agrees to the 'accept us as we are' proposition, they have made a doctrinal agreement (a huge compromise). 

So where are we in the year 2018? 

The same place we were in 2000. Rome repeats the mantra and the SSPX says, non merci!

Something for the 'resistance' to ponder.


Source: La Porte Latine

Un accord prématuré, soit une union seulement pratique avec Rome, sans faire intervenir les causes qui sont à l'origine de la crise de la foi, ne serait pas seulement dangereux mais faux. A combien de groupes et de communautés la hiérarchie officielle n'a-t-elle pas fait de promesses, et tous ont dû déchanter, et finir par accepter la nouvelle messe, accepter le concile Vatican II dans son ensemble, et même justifier "l'esprit d'Assise" ? 


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