A perspective on Fr. Morgan


Here is Fr. Paul Morgan's reason for resigning from the SSPX:
It seemed to me, it always seems to me, that it is an essential compromise to accept the principle that priests representing modern dioceses come to us, in the bastions of Tradition, to receive the promises of the bride and groom. Even if in practice we are a little restricted in such things, we have accepted the principle. And that’s why, in concrete terms, I wrote my letter of resignation. Fr. Morgan ex-SSPX
Here's the problem for Fr. Morgan and others who have an issue with this temporary situation.

They acknowledge the Pope and pay lip-service to the Teachings of the Catholic Church when it suits their needs.

The Teaching that they are setting aside this time is that the Hierarchical nature of the Church is of Apostolic Origin.  The local ordinary (until there is a canonical structure that provides for ordinary jurisdiction via the SSPX) has the jurisdiction and if we have the opportunity to avail ourselves of that jurisdiction without compromising, then the state of necessity becomes pretty grey.

Marriage has links beyond just the couple being married. There has to be documentation etc that supports the marriage.

So, I have to ask: Where is the sin in accepting that a suitable priest hears the marriage vows?

If there is no sin, then there is no excuse from obedience.

It is sad to see the wake of destruction that follows Fr. Morgan's thinking.  I know families that are obstinate in their judgement of other people - yet won't go to a Tridentine Mass.

This is what happens were emotion takes over. One's perception of the situation is narrowed to a degree that the Devil can use a 2x4 and hit them from the side.

I've been attached to the SSPX for 35 years, I've seen a lot of people come and go over the decades.  One thing that I have noticed is that those that leave typically don't end well.

Pray for them and don't be bitter.



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