The Dictator Pope


Lifesite news has interviewed the author of 'The Dictator Pope', the full text of which can be found here.

I only had time to skim the article but the following paragraphs popped out at me:

I don’t know whether my book could have the effect of encouraging cardinals and other churchmen to tell Francis, “The game’s up.” Perhaps not. But what I principally had in mind was trying to avoid a similar mistake being made again in the next Conclave. My aim was to expose the myth of the supposedly liberal Pope who was elected in 2013 and to urge the cardinals at the next Conclave to avoid electing an unknown figure who turns out to be quite different from what he had been thought.
While some may believe the Pope Francis IS a liberal Pope, he is actually appears to tolerate no dissent from his opinion. From this perspective he is not liberal - but a tyrant.

The author goes on to state:
When they vote in the next Conclave, it needs to be in a context in which the whole Church has recognized the imposture that has been practiced upon it and realizes that we need a Pope who is primarily a man of God and not a politician.
 Of interest is the opinion of one of the Pope's former superiors (hopefully he is immune to attack):
In researching Bergoglio’s past, one of the most significant pieces of evidence I came across was the report written by his religious superior [Father Peter Hans Kolvenbach] in 1991 when it was proposed to make Bergoglio a bishop. The Jesuit General wrote that Bergoglio was not suitable for such an appointment, that he was a man of devious character, lacking psychological balance, and had been a divisive figure as Provincial of the Jesuits in Argentina. The existence of this report has long been known, and I received the account of it from a priest who read the document himself at the time.
Looking at the experience of Pope Francis it can be noted that he has demonstrated the devious nature in the manipulations of the synods.  The fact that he has been divisive is plain to see (read: Amoris Laetitia).  As to psychological imbalance, this seems to be consistent based upon reports of tirades against those who oppose his will.

We could even add the reports that the Argentinians  had noted the transformation of their unsmiling unfriendly Cardinal / Bishop into a smiling Pope.

The author goes on to describe the Pope as a person ...
... capable of impressing people profoundly and forming warm friendships, but who, ...“manipulates people through the affections.” ...
 This is a hallmark of a sociopath.  Perhaps this is the type of person who has been elected to the See of Peter.

If this is a correct description of Pope Francis' character, then we will indeed have to pray and make great sacrifices that God removes him from his office before he damages not only his own soul but that of the Church as well.



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