Do I have a vocation?


I am convinced that the Church cannot / will not emerge from this Crisis until Catholics believe, think, and act as Catholics have before this Crisis began - some 200 years ago.

Yes, you read correctly, I wrote 200 years ago. It is about that time that Liberal Catholicism came to forefront. Its principles morphing over the decades, but still a consistent rebellion against the authority and certainty of Catholicism.

One way we'll know that Catholics are doing this would be a sustained uptick in vocations to a level comparable to the SSPX and Traditional Orders.  This would indicate an environment where Catholics are breaking the shackles of the Worldly view and re-adopting the Catholic view.

Beliefs such as the Catholic Church IS the Church of Christ.  Outside of this Church there is no salvation.  This would  be accompanied by generosity of spirit and respect for authority! 

The following links (courtesy of provide some insights to the question: Do I have a vocation?


Religious vocation?

Fr. Barrielle explains the basic principles concerning a religious vocation.


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