Are we alone?


There's been a lot of chatter lately about a UFO encounter that was recently published by the NY Times.

Even on some Catholic forums there's be a debate about what the Church has 'said' about this etc.

The curiosity into this matter is  ... frankly ... a little silly.

As Catholics we know from Revelation that we are not alone.
  1. First there is God.  
  2. Next there are the Angels, both good and bad.
  3. Next there are Humans (both dead and alive).
  4. Then there are other creatures such animals etc.
What this does not rule out is another order of creatures - just as the Angels are a separate order of creation from Mankind.

With this base what can we reason about the 'encounters'?

That there is either a:
  1. Natural,
  2. Preternatural,
  3. Supernatural ... explanation
On the natural level people love to jump to the conclusion that it is 'aliens'.  However, that is a lazy way to look at it.  Especially we realize that the laws that govern the universe (laws established by God the Creator), indicate that we can safely conclude that there are no natural 'aliens' visiting Earth.

Next, it is the penultimate example of human pride to think that we know and understand everything that happens on this world.  So there are still natural phenomenon that need to be examined, not the least of which is equipment related phenomenon. 

Finally, we know that Angels exist and that they are not limited in the way we are.  It would be child's play for a demon to create such a display.   My personal opinion is that the event was in category #2.  Bad Angels messing with the minds of mortals. Once again.

So following the wisdom of the Church in examining these events, we start at the natural and eliminate all possible natural explanations. 

Then (and only then) do you move to the next levels!



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