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I have noticed that the FFI have dropped from the media for over a year. Interestingly, this coincides with the departure of Fr. Geiger and his compatriots that started the decimation of the order. 

May the Lord of mercy upon their souls when they stand before Him.

Fr. Geiger is a typical case, although he may have simply been a agent provacateur, of a modern catholic response to Catholicism. 

I know it is a strange turn of phrase, but many Catholics who have been steeped in the Novus Ordo are unable to recognize Catholic Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline and Principles.  

The same can be said for many 'resistors' that I have encountered.

For Fr. Geiger the Novus Ordo and the Second Vatican Council are above reproach and sacrosanct. .  He was upset with a decision of the General Chapter, and complained to Rome.  The core of this decision was the Tridentine Liturgy being used as the conventual mass. He also 'saw' crypto-lefevrists in his congregation and instead of being tolerant when they were successful in fulfilling the intent of Summorum Pontificum and dared to question aspects of the Second Vatican Council, he attacked. 

In doing so, he broke the spirit of obedience, something very prevalent in these confusing days.  The same can be said of the 'resistance', anyone who acts in accordance with Catholic principles which they have abandoned is attacked, viciously from you tube pulpits across the world.

In the case of the FFI, Rome was only to willing to smash a growing order - one that defied the trends as it did not defy the Trents.

In the case of the Bishop Williamson et al, they echoed the 'non serviam' of the fallen angels and have proceeded to splinter into different factions (4 or 5 at last count).

While for many the destruction of the FFI was an indication that Rome wasn't going to let go of the mantra and that the time was not ripe for a canonical regularization of the SSPX.  

For the 'resistance' they continue their 'resistance' to the SSPX while calling themselves members of the SSPX.   Sorry Fathers and Excellencies, you've been expelled and are no longer members of the Society founded by Archbishop Lefebvre.  Your situation is no different than that of the Sedevacantists expelled in the 80's.

We are now in year 17 of the discussions, the SSPX has not compromised and the SSPX General Chapter is next year.  In addition, the issues with V2 have come home to roost in this pontificate.

I will now make a prediction.

If ...
  1. The SSPX holds to the Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines, Disciplines and Principles, they will remain Catholic.
  2. The gap between 'Rome' and Catholicism will become clearer and wider.
I see no reason to believe that the SSPX is about to compromise as have every other order as well as the 'resistance'.

For us laity, we need to also hold fast and keep a good perspective. 

Otherwise we'll end up like Fr. Geiger and Fr. Pfeiffer.


PS. I will be quite busy for the next six months so I anticipate posts to be fewer.  I have setup the Advent series for your edification.

PPS. Please pray for a young lady who will be trying her vocation with the Dominicans starting this week.


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