Make them be priests!


A couple of years ago I attended a non-Trad Catholic Men's meeting.  

There was a Jesuit in plain clothes in attendance.  He did his best to be one of the guys, however, I piped up and let the guys know that Father could bless the food and it would actually mean something.

Father muttered something about Vatican II dropping the distinction between laymen and Priests ... or something to that effect.

However, immediately all the men asked for Father to bless the food.  He bowed to the demands and blessed the food.

At the end of the meeting, I knelt before him and asked for his blessing.  At first he resisted ... then his countenance changed and he said: 

You're not getting up until I give you a blessing ... are you?

I answered:

No Father.
He then proceeded to say a preamble and then the blessing. 

Interestingly, his preamble was very very close to the preamble given by Fr. Albert OP when I brought him to the same meeting.

Lesson to be learned: Just a Catholic Priests need to demand that Catholic Men, Women and Children act like Catholics, we need to demand that Catholic Priests act like Catholic Priests!



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