Kneeling vs Standing / Sitting During Prayer


In my last article I discussed a cultural difference between Trad and non-Trad Catholics.  Specifically, the use of Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit.

Another item that is apparent is the practically complete abandonment of kneeling during Mass and prayer.

I once had the honour of bringing a Traditional Dominican to a non-Trad Catholic Men's group.  At the end I asked Father to give us a blessing.

What unfolded before my eyes is telling about the culture of non-Trad Catholics.

Father was surrounded by the men (15 or so) and I was already kneeling so I heard the exchange: 

  • Father: Aren't you going to kneel?
  • Man: We don't really do that anymore.
  • Father: I thought your were Catholic, if you don't kneel I'm not giving you a blessing.

Everyone knelt at the same time and Father serenely gave us a blessing.

There was a precursor blessing followed by the blessing proper.

So, a quick way to help non-Trad's to encounter a dissonance is to kneel when praying.  I haven't always done this myself, but after this reflection, I will endeavour to do so!

A good example goes a long way!



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