Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline and Principles.

Place Catholic in front of these four words and you have the dividing line between the two camps in this crisis. 

Want to know what to do, who is right, who is wrong?  Look at their adherence to Catholic Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline and Principles. 

Those who hold to the Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines, Disciplines, and Principles are on the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those who do not are on the other side.

There is no middle ground.

There are many that have crossed the line willingly and not a few that have done so by mistake.

If you are not building with Christ, then you are tearing down with Satan and his allies.

Anyone who has compromised on these items is on the wrong side.  I'm not saying that they are damned etc, but that they are simply wrong.

  1. Sedevacantists.  In order to hold their position / opinion they have to cast aside a number of doctrines (dogmatic facts) and dogmas (there will be a successor of St. Peter until the end of the world).
  2. Resistance. In order to hold their positions / opinion they have to ignore the virtue of obedience and break communion with other Catholics (ie schism). . . . Of course there is also their understanding of the Four Marks and structure of the Church.
  3. (Neo) Modernists . This group brings to their logical conclusion all of the modernist principles which were identified by Pope St. Pius X.  They trample and metaphorically spit upon all four of the elements.
  4. Liberal Catholics. These are the original modernists and they are still around just under new names - such as Relativists etc. They also undermine all four elements as the acceptance of the four elements is simply a matter of personal choice.  Their entire mantra can be summed up as: If it feeds your soul, well then that's ok for you.
The list goes on, I could include (believe it or not) the FSSP, ICK, etc as they are compromised (not by association) on principles - false obedience.  But at least they are trying.

On the other side we have a number of groups of people who have not compromised.  This list is short and I will focus on one: The SSPX.

It is not an easy path to follow, but they have succeeded so far and I pray that they will continue.



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