Angel through the ages

Angel Through the Ages

Some of you may be familiar with the Advent Old Testament series which Tradical is kindly planning to post again this year starting December 1. The series goes through the Old Testament at a glance, leading up to the coming of the Redeemer. 
In past years we  painted a Christmas Tree on blue poster board. Each day was a Christmas ball with a picture from the reading for that day. The children would add a ball a day, starting at the bottom, with a picture of Baby Jesus in the manger for the top.

I thought that it might be fun to add a twist this year by making a poster with 25 stops along a road leading to Bethlehem. Each stop has a picture about the day's reading. A little cut out angel with a piece of tape can be moved along the road.
In addition, if parents like, they could pick up an angel at a thrift store, or use one from their manger and hide it for their children to find after they read that day's selection. 
I call the whole idea "Angel Through the Ages"
And just who is the angel? 
That's up to you!
It could be the Archangel Gabriel, waiting for the day he can fulfill his biggest mission to Our Lady.....or it could be another angel, even the children's guardian angels. After all, they were there too. It gives a greater appreciation of just who our best friends and protectors are. They were there at the creation of the world. They know a thing or two! 

Here is a list of the 25 topics we will cover and suggested pictures to draw for our poster;

Dec 1- Adam and Eve (tree)
Dec 2- Cain and Abel and Noah (Ark and rainbow)
Dec 3- Heber (tower of Babel) and Melchisedech (bread and wine)
Dec 4- Abraham and Isaac (bundle of wood)
Dec 5- Jacob (ladder)  and Job
Dec 6- Joseph and Moses (basket in the bulrushes) .....also St. Nicholas
Dec 7- 10 Commandments (tablets of stone)
Dec 8- Israelites in the desert (manna or ark of the covenant)....also the Immaculate Conception
Dec 9- Brazen Serpent and  Balaam's Talking Donkey (donkey)
Dec 10- Joshua (horns and a walled city)
Dec 11- Debbora, Jahel (nail) and Gideon (sheep fleece)
Dec 12- Samson (broken pillars) and Ruth (sheaf of wheat)
Dec 13- Samuel ("speak Lord thy servant heareth")
Dec 14- King Saul (crown) and Davis and Goliath (slingshot)
Dec 15- King David's reign and Solomon (temple)
Dec 16-  Elias and the prophets of Baal (altar) and Eliseus (fiery chariot)
Dec 17- Jonah (whale, of course!)
Dec 18- Tobias and the angel Raphael (fish and staff)
Dec 19- Judith and Holophernes (his head!)
Dec 20- Daniel and King Baltassar (MANE THECEL PHARES)
Dec 21- Daniel (lion)
Dec 22- Nehemias (walls of Jerusalem) and Queen Esther (queen)
Dec 23- Machabees and Hanukkah (candalabra)
Dec 24- The Romans move in and Mary and Joseph make their way to Bethlehem
Dec 25 - The birth of Jesus - can read the account from the gospels (Bethlehem)


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