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Have you thanked your priest lately?

Did you know that the good Catholic Priest is an endangered species?
Every time I talk with our Novus Ordo friends I am reminded of this.
We all know the abuses that go on in the Catholic Church today. A good priest has to fight hard to stay faithful.
A priest must give up the possibility of ever having a family in order to dedicate himself to the salvation of souls. Some may scoff...."Oh, they have it easy"....but you don't see these people rushing off to join the seminary.
The fact is, it's a lonely life. A husband and father has his consolation from the love and support of his family, whereas a priest walks the royal way of the cross alone.
True, a good priest will seek fcomfort from the Blessed Sacrament and Our Lady, but priests are human too, and subject to discouragement.
A priest is our lifeline. Where would we be without our priests? They bring heaven to earth through the Mass. If it wasn't for the Holy Sacrifice being offered around the world, God would…

Christmas Novena

In preparation for Advent here's a St. Andrew Novena - named after St. Andrew because it starts on his feast day.

Be generous as God will not be outdone!


Source: Joy Filled Family

Make them be priests!

A couple of years ago I attended a non-Trad Catholic Men's meeting.  
There was a Jesuit in plain clothes in attendance.  He did his best to be one of the guys, however, I piped up and let the guys know that Father could bless the food and it would actually mean something.
Father muttered something about Vatican II dropping the distinction between laymen and Priests ... or something to that effect.
However, immediately all the men asked for Father to bless the food.  He bowed to the demands and blessed the food.
At the end of the meeting, I knelt before him and asked for his blessing.  At first he resisted ... then his countenance changed and he said: 
You're not getting up until I give you a blessing ... are you?
I answered:
No Father. He then proceeded to say a preamble and then the blessing. 
Interestingly, his preamble was very very close to the preamble given by Fr. Albert OP when I brought him to the same meeting.
Lesson to be learned: Just a Catholic Priests need…

Thy Will be Done Part 3

Thy Will be Done Part 3
We don't catch many glimpses of God's treasure in Holy Scripture, but what is our first "impression" which the Holy Ghost gives of His spouse?
"Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it done unto me according to thy word"
Thy Will be done. Like mother, like Son. Or in this case, like Son like Mother.
Unfortunately, we do not have an angel sent from God to tell us what God is calling us to do. 
Actually, Our Lady didn't have the benefit of that grace for the most part either. She and St. Joseph had to work things out as best they could, without seeing their way clear. And they had it tougher than we do. Not many of us will need to stay in a barn, or be on the run across the desert to protect a child from murder.
We may not have an angel coming to us (although our Guardian Angel gives us nudges from time to time), but we do have our duty of state.
There is a prayer that goes something like this;
"Well, Lord, it's been a pretty …

Tradical -What's in a name or pseudonym?

Just a quick word on my pseudonym.

First, why do I use a pseudonym?

Because my terms of employment would make it difficult to continue this blog as-is.  Plus, I have a rather large family to support and they like being housed, clothed, and fed.

Second, why Tradical?

When I started posting on forums in 2010, I needed an identity and I thought of the combination of Traditionalist and Radical.

Because the world is so crazy that being Catholic is now seen as being a radical.

I'm a Traditional Catholic ... so Tradical seemed a good choice.

... and now you know the rest of the story!


Thy Will Be Done - Part 2

Thy Will be Done Part 2 "Behold, I come to do Thy Will"
These are the sentiments of Our Lord. but the same words could have also come from the lips of Our Lady.
The very first time we see Our Lady in the Bible she says, "Be it done to me according to thy word"
And through her Fiat, the Word was made flesh and time split in two.
From that moment, all of history would be reckoned either "Before Christ", or "Anno Domini"
The introduction of Our Lady should be written in large letters of gold. The angel Gabriel comes to her. Think of it. An angel. (not a fluffy cherub) The angels of the Bible are strength and beauty.  They also have a strange effect on people. Men typically fall flat on their faces at sight of an angel. But the angel Gabriel visits a girl of 14 and what happens? He bows to her, saying, "Hail, full of grace" An angel does not lie (well, at least the good ones don't!)
If he said she was full of grace, then she was full o…

Cathinfo and the 'resistance' perspective


Matthew, the owner of Cathinfo - a resistance forum has posted a response to a person that indicated his reasons for continuing to go to the SSPX.

Advent - Thy Will Be Done!


The Catholic Church has been around for 2 thousand years! (give or take a few)
It has seen the rise and fall of nations and empires. 
It is also the only Church that can make the claim that it was begun and is protected through the ages by God Almighty!

As Catholics we have access to the full 2 thousand years of wisdom of the Church taught through Divine Tradition.

One of these sources is in the Liturgy.

No words necessary ...

Just reading the signs of the times ...
Courtesy of The Remnant

New Author

I am pleased to announce that Tradiate, the author of the Advent series, has (when time allows) agreed to be a regular contributor to this blog!

... I am way more than pleased I'm flipping ecstatic!


Don't lose faith. Do your duty of state and wait patiently!


A question came up on a forum here (reproduced below).  It highlighted for me the need to hold fast to what the Catholic Church actually teaches as opposed to just what we prefer to think what it teaches.

This is necessary for both Trad and non-Trad Catholics alike - as it has been for centuries.

To deny this is simply to compromise like the modernists and others before them.

It is literally that simple. Don't make excuses and try to re-imagine Church Doctrine to suit your world-view / perspective / opinion.

If you do, you are simply following the example of a long line of Schismatics, Heretics, Liberal Catholics etc.


Holy Ghost vs Holy Spirit

Something that always and I do mean always causes me to cringe interiourly is when non-Trad Catholics use the words "Holy Spirit" instead of "Holy Ghost".

First, this is a natural response because of long usage of "Holy Ghost" as soon as I hear the word "Holy" in a prayer, my brain automatically is prepped to hear "Ghost" afterwards.  This creates a short period of interiour dissonance (discomfort).

Now the question I would like to ponder today is whether or not there is a difference and whether or not there is a right way vs wrong way.



əˈmərjəns/ noun 1. the process of coming into view or becoming exposed after being concealed. "I misjudged the timing of my emergence" synonyms:appearance, arrival, coming, materialization; More 2. the process of coming into being, or of becoming important or prominent. "the emergence of the environmental movement" synonyms:appearance, arrival, coming, materialization; More

News and Views

I have noticed that the FFI have dropped from the media for over a year. Interestingly, this coincides with the departure of Fr. Geiger and his compatriots that started the decimation of the order. 
May the Lord of mercy upon their souls when they stand before Him.

Giving bishops final word on Mass translations would ‘destroy’ Church unity: Cardinal Muller - Life Site News

Will wonders never cease?  We have this little statement from Cardinal Mueller:
“The ultimate authority in the case of doubt cannot lie with the Episcopal Conferences, which would destroy the unity of the Catholic Church in faith, confession and prayer,” the cardinal said, as reported by Catholic Herald. (Source: LifeSiteNews) The point is that this is a little like closing the barn door after the horse has bolted.

The only thing that 'giving' the episcopal conferences final authority on translations of the Novus Ordo Missae is that it legitimizes what is already in place.  Effectively, it will legalize the abuses that are already rampant across the world.
But hey, if that floats your boat - go right ahead.  Frankly, we don't want that horse back in the barn anyway.

Pray for the dead

In your charity, please pray for the repose of the soul of my Father, dead these 35 years.

It seems that the month of the Holy Souls is the month of death in my family. A significant number of my family has died in this month.


Report: Summorum Pontificum 2017 - Can Mutual Enrichment “Heal the Rift”? -

The short answer is nope.  The two liturgies represent practically polar opposite perspectives.  One reinforces and places before the faithful in action and words the complete Catholic Truth. 

The other, as promulgated, suppresses it.  In practice the Catholicity is obliterated by the majority of the priests who use it.

One of the signs that we are nearing the end of the beginning of the crisis will be when Rome sets aside the mantra.


Courtesy of


Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline and Principles.

Place Catholic in front of these four words and you have the dividing line between the two camps in this crisis. 

Want to know what to do, who is right, who is wrong?  Look at their adherence to Catholic Dogma, Doctrine, Discipline and Principles. 

Those who hold to the Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines, Disciplines, and Principles are on the side of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Those who do not are on the other side.

There is no middle ground.

There are many that have crossed the line willingly and not a few that have done so by mistake.