Why shouldn't a Pope be able to resign / retire like Pope Emeritus Benedict? ...


This is why:

I am convinced that:

If Pope Benedict Emeritus had:

  1. faced down the wolves and made public the issues the we hear about (financial pressures etc),
  2. faced down the various heretics and liberal Catholics that are casting dirt upon Catholic Truth,
  3. not resigned and gave way to the likes of Pope Francis
Then he would have:
  1. Given the Church the strength to rediscover its true beliefs, values and assumptions (ie culture)
  2. Caused the shaking of the basket as 'separation' of the non-Catholic elements and those who hold them would have been accelerated.
  3. Died shortly thereafter.

Instead, he now wastes away as did Pope John Paul II.

Indeed the Catholic Church is of Divine origin, with men such as these for Her leaders any human organization would have vanished centuries ago.

Do not give up hope as in the failings of the Popes we see the way to emerge from this crisis.

Laity, and faithful Priests, Bishops and Cardinals: do your duty.  Challenge heretics and liberal Catholics, stand your ground. 

If they cast you out into the streets, then so-be-it.

At least you will have done your duty.

At least you will have kept your honour defending the honour of Our King Jesus Christ and the honour of the Catholic Church.



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