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A Cardinal Warning: Ottaviani’s Rescue Attempt - The Remnant

So the public release of the Filial Correction has caused a bit of stir (see Rorate for some insight) and the 'responses' that I have read from 'liberal' Catholics (you know the ones condemned in the 1800's) have been non-responses.

I was told that the Pope didn't have anyone intellectually capable (in my mind honest) to provide a cogent response.  Then I read this one posted by Mark Shea . . . and I think my friend was right.

I've seen a lot of name calling etc, but that was to be expected. If you haven't got a good argument and feel compelled to say something any number of fallacies will be employed. Let's just say that they have been over the past week.

This note by Shea was particularly telling:

They want a purged Church, not one that welcomes sinners and the broken.  They seek a Fortress, not a hospital.Well, I guess english isn't his strong suit or he didn't actually read the document.  Of course, that would take mental exertion.…

Filial Correction - Response Please!

Updated: I just noticed a Tweet from Dr. Shaw. The Vatican has blocked access to correctio filias website.  I guess the Pope is aware of it and isn't very pleased.

I suspect that the Pope won't respond to the filial correction.  However, his supporters will.

I just noticed the first 'response' from the National unCatholic Reporter.

While I leave you to read it for yourself I found the following interesting:

The labels of Schismatics, extremists, liars, hypocrites etc are trotted out for all to see.  Not totally surprising given that I suspect (along with others) that they will be unable to respond intellectually to the correction.  As such they will have recourse to a Liberals favorite tool: venomous words.Nothing on the substance of the correction.  I think that no response indicates the inability to respond. Here's some tidbits:
Stephen Walford, a British Catholic author who has written several books on the papacy and the theology of the church, said the ac…

It begins ...

Two commentaries are out - first Dr. Shaw (signatory and contact point) had this to write:
The document is signed by 62 people, Catholic academics and pastors, from 20 countries. It expresses, in technical theological language, the concern that, while Amoris laetitia itself may be open to an interpretation in line with the previous teaching of the Church, various informal indications, which appear to be favoured by Pope Francis himself, point to an interpretation not in line with that teaching.
Either the new view is wrong, or the old one is. There has in fact been no attempt to promulgate the new view magisterially - that is from the Holy Father himself, clearly, and in an authoritative format, such as a formal document - since Amoris laetitia itself. It would seem, in any case, that such an attempt could not be successful, in the sense of creating an obligation on Catholics to assent to this new view, because the old view expressed the Ordinary Magisterium, based on Scripture, …

It Begins: "FILIAL CORRECTION OF POPE FRANCIS For the Propagation of Heresies" - Rorate-Caeli

This is the next logical step in the process of the Church recovering from this crisis.

I know that there are a lot of impatient people - but this is the right way to go about correcting the Pope.

Here's a highlight of some key points over the last 40+ years:

1982 Pope St. John Paul II issues indult for Tridentine Mass1987 Archbishop Lefebvre sends dubia1988 Archbishop Lefebvre consecrate 4 auxiliary bishops2007 Pope Benedict XVI grants SSPX condition - Summorum Pontificum2009 Pope Benedict XVI grants SSPX condition - Excommunications Lifted2011 Pope Benedict XVI issues explanation of SP and gives laity right to appeal to ecclesial court - Universae Ecclesiae2016 Pope Francis issues Amoris Laetitiae2016 Theologians issue theological assessment of AL2016 Four Cardinals issue dubia on AL2017 Theologians issue filial correction to Pope Francis I understand that the letter was first hand delivered to Pope Francis and, as with the dubia, no response was received.
So now the correction …

Letter Praising the SSPX

In 1971, the Archbishop received a letter praising the SSPX.

It is interesting to see how things proceeded when it became obvious that the SSPX intended to remain Catholic!


Tradinews: Letter Praising the SSPX

Confess Your Sin, Bishops: Bring Back the Old Confessionals! -The Remnant

The separation between priest and penitent is an interesting aspect of Church discipline.  The wall between them protects both of them - as seen below.


Courtesy of The Remnant

Extra-Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers


There is nothing so ordinary (regular) in the Catholic Church as 'Extra-Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers' (EOEM).

I added the attached article because it provides references to actual rules.

I would like to offer the following commentary:
Delegating the distribution of communion to the laity to hospitals etc causes problems.  A person who is confined to a hospital or similar circumstance will not have the opportunity to go to confession.  So, when a EOEM arrives, they will have peer pressure to receive.  This will, I posit, increase the sacrilegious receipt of Holy Communion. If a priest is ill, I find it hard to believe that he would have sole responsibility for a parish.There is only one person who must receive communion at mass, the priest who is celebrating Mass.  In this way the sacrifice is consummated.   Laity do not need to receive communion.Regular confession is as needed as regular communion.

Catholic Answers: What is the proper use of ...

Holy Communion in the Hand? - Catholic Culture

One interesting aspect of the 'communion in the hand' is its link with the disappearance of kneelers in Catholic Churches - especially those in North America.

Not only was kneeling and receiving on the tongue discouraged (understatement), kneeling was made difficult be the removal of kneelers during 'renovations'.

Want to resolve this crisis?

Don't go to a Church where communion is given on the hand.Don't go to a Church where there are no kneelers.When Catholics begin to act as Catholics - then we will start to emerge from this crisis.


Reference Links…

Akin: Protestants Aren’t Heretics, Catholics Should Commemorate the Reformation - The Remnant

Let's keep something in mind, while Mr. Akin's is misleading people (doing the Devil's work no doubt), I believe that he is probably sincere.  In other words he is sincerely wrong.  Just like Pope Francis.
This does not lessen their culpability because he should know better.  
In this Liberal age, it seems that Catholics have forgotten that it is their duty to study and learn the faith.  
"I didn't know" will be answered with "You should have known".

Courtesy of The Remnant

Communion in the Hand

Communion in the hand is a curious thing because it is both a cause and a symptom at the same time.

It is a symptom of a lessening of the Faith in the Real Presence of Our Lord in the Eucharist.

It is a cause of the lessening of that Faith in others.

Here's some information on the 'rules' of the Indult.

Oh yeah, keep in mind, communion in the hand is legalized or permitted abuse.  Anyone who thinks this is how it was done in the early Church is either ignorant or a liar.

For the record, here's the 'rules'.


Concerning Archbishop Lefebvre, the Council, and Bishop Schneider -

While many won't admit it, the 'new' statements by various Cardinals and Bishops are simply echoes of what was said before by Archbishop Lefebvre.


Courtesy of

Encyclical Humanae Vitae on Marriage and Birth Control, Paul VI -

Humanae Vitae was probably the only 'light' in an otherwise dark pontificate.
There is a commission examining some of the work now and, given this Pope's apparent desire to reform the Church in his own image, there is concern that this teaching - like everything else will be set aside in a more formal manner.
Note well, I stated in a formal manner. Informally, it appears that the 'contraception' mindset of the Western World is readily accepted in the mainstream Catholic Church today.
This is only another example of the spirit of the world manifesting itself in the Church - along with Communion in the Hand and [Extra]-Ordinary Eucharistic Ministers, relegation of Confession to psychological counseling etc.
Watch and pray that you don't enter into temptation.
Courtesy of

Bugnini and Ash Wednesday

Pertinent to the news that Rome is giving episcopal conferences the ability to translate the Novus Ordo (... go to it guys ...) I came across this article on CC Watershed.

Bugnini wanted to erase Ash Wednesday.  This guy was a maniac.

At the end of the article are three links to

I agree with Pope Francis the Liturgical 'Reform' is irreversable - the damage is done but at least they didn't damage the Tridentine Mass.  They simply made up a new one ...

P^3 Bugnini an Ash Wednesday

Fruits of Vatican II - Part 3 Humanae Vitae and the Winnipeg Statement

Departing from the stats, we come to the Humanae Vitae conflict.

In this case the issue is the breakdown of discipline and rule of law in the Chuch.

In the Catholic Church today, the rule of conscience has replaced the rule of law.

The ramifications of this event resonate well with the issue with Amoris Laetitiae.

Key point: The Pope, Bishops, Priests et al are failing in their duty to inform the consciences of the faithful.

I don't think God will accept the 'I was just following orders' excuse.

Interestingly, there is some research the suggests that humans feel disconnected from the results of an action when it is done under the orders of a superior.  

This is consistent with the complete upheaval in the Church after V2.

However, it doesn't let anyone off the hook because it is a Catholic principle that we can't just 'follow' orders.


Source: University of Arizona
Wikipedia Article: Winnipeg Statement

“Magnum Principium” should be retitled "Magnum Insaniam"

This is definitely one for the chronicle.
 On Sept. 9, with a new motu proprio, he delivered another decisive blow to those who would roll back the liturgical reforms of the Second Vatican Council. “Magnum Principium”restores and strengthens the council’s call for local bishops’ conferences to have authority with regard to the approval of translations into the vernacular. Source: America Magazine

Fruits of Vatican II - Part 2 Baptisms, Marriages and Conversions

In the last article we looked at ordination stats from around the world and compared them to the SSPX and FSSP.

Interestingly, I live in a diocese with ~ 130k Catholics.  Number of ordinations - 2 in the last 7 years or so ... or was that the neighboring diocese?

Can you tell the difference?  I sure can.

Whatever Happened to the Dubia Submitted by the Four Cardinals? -

Well, as we wait (and wait) for a response to the Dubia, the cogs are turning in the background.

Courtesy of

SSPX Marriages Part 3


This is the final installment addressing the current situation of SSPX marriages.

It would be nice if the state of necessity was no longer existent, however it is obvious from the German Bishop's reaction - it will be quite a long time yet before Catholics are accepted as Catholics.

Courtesy of

SSPX Marriages Part 2


This is part 2 of the SSPX series on marriage from Fr. Knittel's conference.

To sacraments requiring jurisdiction for validity - Confession and Marriage.

This is a usual attack point in discussions between Trads and non-Trads.

Keep in mind the important distinction between Ordinary and Supplied Jurisdiction - not to mention all the exceptions in canon law.

It is not black and white - even though some would like it to be so ...


Courtesy of

Fruits of Vatican II - Part 1 Ordinations

We know from Vatican 1 (Trent vs Vatican II) what fruits V2 did not produce.  It's probably a good idea to take a look at some of the fruits and effects of Vatican II.

The first that comes to mind is the New Mass, but really I think it is the secondary fruit.

The primary fruit was the collapse of Catholicism that occurred immediately after the close of the council. On this topic one of my opponents pointed out that correlation does not indicate a cause.

This is true.

There may have been other events that caused the free-fall.  However, my first premis is that something happened in 1965 and the key element in the life of the Church is the Second Vatican Council.  The correlation is strong in key metrics of the life of the Church.  After 50+ years there are now other ways to assess the validity of the claim that the cultural changes wrought by Vatican II are causal.

Pope Francis and the Blog "Traditional Catholic Priest"

Pope Francis continues to scandalize people into make bad mistakes.

No surprise here eh?

This list includes Louie Verrecchio, Ann Barnhardt, Fr. Kramer and now the editor of Traditional Catholic Priest.

Mr. Byrd published his adhesion to the belief that Pope Francis is not the Vicar of Christ but simply an Anti-Pope.

He cites others who have come to the conclusion, but numbers doesn't make wrong right.

I sent Mr. Byrd an email (see below) and ask all readers so scandalized by Pope Francis the following question:

How can a person be Catholic and deviate from Catholic Doctrine?

All I have to say is suck-it-up children and man-up to the reality.  No excuses, we can't be Traditional and set aside Catholic Dogma, Doctrine and Principles.

Don't take the easy lazy way out.


Motu Proprio "Magnum Principium" granting authority on liturgical translations to Bishops' Conferences - Rorate Caeli

The Episcopal Conference will now be able to make their own translations.

What does this mean and why is it important?

We have seen the damage done by the 'translation' of the New Mass into the vernacular.  This change disenfranchised a large number of Catholics and splintered the Church along the lines of language.

Now the splintering will be reinforced at the diocesan level with inculturation and a continuation of the downward spiral of different translations.

In the end the only Roman Rite left standing will be the Tridentine Rite.

In reality I think this is not a bad thing from the big picture point of view, because it will hasten the destruction of the New Mass as it becomes New Masses.

The sad thing is the effect it will have of the poor Catholics who are still sticking to their pews.


Courtesy of Rorate-Caeli

Bishop Schneider Says “There are Ambiguities in Vatican II” -

Interestingly, I recently heard that Kazakhstan is where people would be exiled. Well, Bishop Schneider can't be exiled because he's already there ...


Courtesy of



There is a question that needs to be answered: Why does the Pope not kneel in front of God?

Source: EponymousFlower

Maybe the answer is related to the non-answer of the dubia?


Cardinal Burke: Formal correction would ‘require’ Pope Francis to teach what Church ‘has always taught’ - LifeSiteNews

Life Site News provides a great service to the World as it covers 'the' key issues of our Millenium!

I strongly recommend you support them!

It would be nice if the Pope taught what the Church has always taught - in its entirety.


Source: Life Site News

Virtue - It's In You To Practice

I think that in some cases, particular virtues  are emphasized in a particular era.

I am beginning to wonder if, with the complete dissolution of society, a corresponding full court press of virtue is needed.

We need to keep Faith, Hope and Charity as always!

Then we need be wise and scientific to develop a correct understanding of the nature of the crisis and what is at state!

We need art and prudence to direct our action!

... and the list goes on ...

Study the virtues and practice them everyday, we can never be virtuous enough!

Perhaps, just perhaps we may come out of this crisis holier than when we entered it!


The SSPX and the Conversion of Rome to Tradition -

Humans are notoriously bad at predicting the future.  That is why the predication of the miracle on October 13, 1917 was a certain sign that the events were of God.

With this truth, we can understand that the debate of whether or not a no-compromise regularization will be a good or bad thing is a debate of opinions.

Objectively, we can understand what is a no-compromise regularization - whether or not it is a good thing will have to be assessed after a period of time.

Schola's Guide to Sung Mass - Latin Mass Society


In some places throughout the world, it isn't quite the wasteland that we've come to expect.

The UK is blessed in that there were a number of strong Catholics who stood up to, requested and obtained indults to shield themselves from the lunacy of the New Order of Mass.

The Latin Mass Society provides many good references and the Guide to Sung Mass is an excellent Resource.


Courtesy of Latin Mass Society

Instruction of Sacred Music

If we are to help the Church emerge from this Crisis, then we need to help its members rediscover and appreciate true liturgical music.

Given that true Catholic Liturgical Music is not unbalanced with an emphasis on the emotions / sentimentality present in Modern Catholic Music, but balances this with the Spiritual Life, Modern Catholics will find it hard to appreciate the difference between vulgar and Liturgical Music.

(sorry for the long sentence).

Reproduced below are the instructions on Sacred Music and Sacred Liturgy.

A very good first step for any 'Modern' Catholic.



Monks de Morgon

So, I have become aware that the Monks De Morgon have joined the 'resistance' and published a 'doctrinal study'.

I didn't have time to read the whole study (it is !100 pages) and time is short, so I read a bit of the intro and parts of the conclusion.  I don't have time to do a proper translation so I used Google for those of you can't understand French.

The primary resistance issue is evident immediately.  They are afraid of contacts with Rome.  Logically, they will wait until Rome meets what they consider to be the conversion of Rome.  Sadly, as this is liberalism as the Monks are going to ignore the order from a legitimate authority ... like the rest of the 'resistance' they will simply scatter into their own personal opinions.

A Look Back: The SSPX is Not in Schism: A Point by Point Rebuttal to CMTV's "Catholi-Schism" Video

There seems to be a bit of self-delusion about the crisis of the Church and the state of necessity.

To listen to Voris et al, the Archbishop should never have consecrated bishops.  Following his reasoning to its logical conclusion - Voris should also shut down shop.

Fortunately, Voris et al are wrong.  Following Catholic principles of obedience (St. Thomas), we know that the Pope is not a dictator and there are conditions in which obedience is sinful.


Courtesy of The Remnant