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The importance of distinctions - some reflections of Fr. Gleize's "The Question of Papal Heresy"

Fr. Gleize's study on "The Question of Papal Heresy", has  caused a few people to, unknowingly, enter into mental gymnastics as they "jump" to conclusions and "leap" through flaming hoops.

I've seen Fr. Gleize have the same affect a few years ago when he penned another scholarly article. My suspicion is that the ability to read a long academic article is not a skill easily learned. I now consider myself fortunate to have read over a hundred such articles for my under-grad thesis, although I definitely did not think so at the time.

So, if you're going to read Fr. Gleize, Dr. Lamont, Dr. Shaw et al, you're going to have to exert yourself and if necessary draw a mind-map of the concepts as they are described.

Why?  Because the concepts and principles being discussed are not simple and require deep study to master.

A Look Back: What did the Archbishop think the SSPX needed in December 1987???

I haven't done a 'look back' for a while, so I thought it was providential that the link below showed up in one of my robo-searches.

At once we see the intention of Archbishop Lefebvre and the original thoughts of Father (now Bishop) Williamson.

Both are worth looking at and comparing to the situation of the SSPX and Bishop Williamson today.


Source: LeoFec

What are theological notes?

In my 35+ year experience as a Traditional Catholic, I have heard the word "heresy" applied to a whole spectrum of actions, documents, and people.
In practically all cases, the "label" was misapplied to either a cultural belief or simple error.
This article, I believe, is the final piece of context needed before I take my 'next step'.
Courtesy of What are theological notes

Rorate: Considerations on the dubia of the four cardinals

This article by Dr. Lamont provides both clarity and perspective for those having issues with Pope Francis, these days who isn't?
I've highlighted below what I believe are some of the key points.
In case you haven't realized, these lenten / semi-retired posts are tending in a direction. 
The first direction is to provide some context to what is going on right now. This context will be usesful in performing an analysis of some of the reactions to the 'crisis'.
Courtesy of Rorate Caeli: Article: "Considerations on the dubia of the four cardinals"

The Question of Papal Heresy -

Fr. Gleize has written a series of articles (compiled into one long article below) on the 'Question of Papal Heresy".

I am aware that some are thinking it a capitulation on the part of the SSPX.

I do not agree.

I will explain more in my next Lenten post,  due to the gravity of the issue.


Courtesy of
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 1
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 2
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 3
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 4
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 5
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 6a
The Question of Papal Heresy: Part 6b

The Dubia of September 2016

Following the release of the theological censures - it seems logical and right to post a copy of the dubia that have caused such consternation within the Church.

Five little questions that shouldn't be hard to answer - unless someone doesn't want to be cornered. 🔃

Why the "🔃"?

Because we've been here before, these dubia are simply the latest in a series of issues that have been raised about the dubious directions / documents issued since the Second Vatican Council.

Pope Francis is simply a product of this crisis - deposing him won't end this crisis.

If the rest of the Church Docens wakes up and realizes that this 'experiment of modernism" is a failure on so many levels and takes action.  Then and practially speaking, only then will we arrive at the corner of this crisis.

Turning it is another thing!


LifeSiteNews: Full Text of Four Cardinals Letter

A Theological Critique of Amoris Laetitia

It's been a while since the dubia overshadowed a the critique - but it (and its cover letter) still mark an important point in this crisis - not the ultimate point - but an important point nonetheless.

I've done my best to reformat the text ... but there may still be some spots I missed.


PS. While I'm 'retired' from Blogging and it is Lent, I felt that this needed to be published.

Lifesite News: Links to article pdfs

Canon 212 and Pewsitter

This morning I received an alert that Pewsitter had been hacked.

So, I have decided to remove Canon 212 and Pewsitter from my bloglist for this reason and ...

Because the continual onslaught of misc 'news' is not conducive to a good spiritual life.