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Gratitude - A Most Necessary Virtue

I just recently read an article by Robert Siscoe titled: The Importance of Gratitude in that Age of Apostasy (Catholic Family News, August 2016 Vol 23 Issue 8).

In the article he cites extensively from The Third Spiritual Alphabet by Francisco de Osuna (LINK) while calling on Mediations For All The Days of the YearFr. Andre-Jean Marie Hamon's book on meditations, St. Thomas, St. Abrose, St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.

I heartily recommend my readers to acquire a hard copy of the edition or review a slightly modified version at the link below.

The core message is this:
"If we fail to give thanks to God for the gifts we have received regardless of the circumstances in which we find ourselves the gifts themselves will grow stale and putregfy and, rather than serving as a means by which we can glorifying God and merit an eternal reward, our gifts themselves will produce rotten fruits and be the cause of our damnation."

Knee Jerks

Ok - it seems that whenever Rome and the SSPX appear to be close to an agreement - everyone with a blog is tempted to commit a Knee Jerk reaction and say "It's a trap".

In this case, Hilary White and Ann Barnhardt have voiced their opinions with their usual panache.

Let's take a step back:

Disobedience is the sin of the Devil (non serviam).Disobedience is the sin of Adam and Eve.Disobedience is the sin of Heretics.Disobedience is the sin of Schismatics. So one must be exceptionally careful when advising someone to disobey an order / wish / desire from the Vicar of Christ that is explicit or tacit.
No offense to White and Barnhardt, but they're recent to this fight and need to get through the stages of grief before stirring up their readers with fiery and witty posts.

What to do?

Follow Catholic Dogmas, Doctrines (Obedience, Indefectibility, et al) and Principles.

These are the sure guides in these confusing times.

Any path the contradicts these guides is ob…

Distinctions matter

In this crisis it is critical to make the correct distinctions - less we depart from the sure path of Catholic Doctrine.

Dr. Mirus and a number of other people have failed to do so ...

Dr. Lamont has made the correct distinctions ...

Pray and Study that you may do so ...


Rome and the SSPX - the latest

Bishop Fellay gave a conference late last month and provided some more insight into the situation with Rome.

There are comments on Deus Ex Machina Blog and Hilary White has now entered the fray.

What is one Catholic to think about all these opinions?

What a Catholic is to think: With the Church!

What does the Church think about obedience?  Virtue as it is?

If there is no proximate occasion of sin and the other conditions are met, then one cannot resist the command.

Vicar of the Environment

Well these are definitely interesting times in the Church. So now not only do we forget about the old sins (fornication, adultery, sodomy etc), but now we have new sins - no recycling.

In order to remain sane when the Church is governed by someone who is insane (I hope), there is a simple way: True Gratitude.

Read this in the latest CFNews (please pray for John Venarri)  - will post something later (possibly in a couple of months) on the topic.

Just had to vent when I saw the following two links ( actually I think I felt more like vomiting).


Life Site News: Pope Francis: Go to confession for not recycling

Radio Vaticana: New work of mercy enshrined in papal message for creation