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To Regulate or Not To Regulate That Is The Question

+ JMJ Ultimately, because the SSPX upholds the doctrine of the Church, they will be 'regularizsed". It is not a question of 'IF' it is a question of 'WHEN' they will be acknowledged as Catholic.

Now 'WHEN the SSPX is REGULARIZED' what will be the effects?

Assumption A: The Pope will UNILATERALLY recognize the SSPX.

Assumption B: There are a number of people who will find this a little hard to accept.  Well, if there is no doctrinal compromise - what is the problem of the Pope restoring what was allegedly stolen from the SSPX - its canonical standing?

It is irrational to see a unilateral regularization as a compromise if no compromise is required.  If the SSPX can continue to operate as it has been - then what is the problem?

I mean really what is the problem if the Pope says to the:

 SSPX: Hey, you're Catholic, I don't agree with you but you can continue to operate as you have been all these year.
Modernists/Liberals: Why should I only let th…

The other shoe

I've been very busy of late, hence the lack of posts.  However, I noticed that the Pope's latest gaff has actually (according to 1P5) awakened Mr. Voris et al to the reality that they had painted themselves into a rather tight corner.

Here's Mr. Skojec's thoughts:
Meanwhile, the spin continues. Church Militant has suddenly found it profitable to admit that we’ve had bad popes in the past, and that not everything a pope says is infallible or above reproach. Unfortunately, they’re wielding the “he didn’t say anything ex cathedra” defense in an attempt to convince everyone waking up in the Matrix that there’s nothing to see here.  I agree - the Pope didn't make an 'ex cathedra' statement. If he had tried ... well we'd probably be waiting for the results of a conclave.

However, what they have to realize is that what the Pope said is wrong, damaging to souls and someone needs to say it "too his face".

Let's be blunt, Pope Francis, is nei…

Sedevacantism Kill Chain - True of False Pope

This is my second article for True or False Pope.  In my design career jumping to a conclusion has bitten me a number of times.  This is why one of the key elements in project management and design engineering is listing your assumptions.  The project plan then needs to incorporate a way to validate those assumptions before it is too late.

Sedevacantists have made this same mistake time and time again.  They are scandalized (rightly so!) be all the shenanigans of the Popes, assume that this can't be so, and jump to the conclusion that the current reigning Pontiff cannot possibly be the Vicar of Christ.

If the sedevacantists accept the doctrine of the Church, then following the doctrine of dogmatic facts they would have to admit that we haven't had a sedevacante since the death of Pius XII (or whatever Pope they hold to be last validly elected).

I hope this article helps!

Keep the Faith!


Heresy – The Heart of Sedevacantism - True or False Pope


I have been asked to contribute some articles to the
Reproduced below is my first article that I wrote discussing the core issue behind the sedevacantist theory: Heresy.
I have to admit that I have not yet had to opportunity to read the book, but rest assured I will once it appears on the shelves of my chapel's bookstore!
My article appears with others under the Sedevacantist Watch link.

Practical Wisdom for Living in a Pagan Culture - Steve Wood

The truth is the truth and Mr. Wood speaks the truth.

One of these days I need to get his approval to re-publish his newsletters ... mea culpa.


Source: Practical Wisdom for Living in a Pagan Culture